Happy Birthday
Aquarius Friends!

January 19th - February 18th, 2006

Aquarius is the symbol of a spiritual rebirth, the sign of the “incoming age”, one that shows us the theory of unconditional love. In some sense we all need to learn from Aquarians. Most humans are governed by feelings and emotions, but not you dear Aquarians, you approach life through your intellect - a real challenge to those who are emotionally involved with you. Aquarius has two ruling planets: Saturn and Uranus. What does that mean? Saturn is the planet of responsibility - it also represents the law of limitation. Uranus on the other hand, is the planet that defies any type of restriction. For the Aquarians, these two planets must work together or “chaotic” problems can be experienced. Without discipline (Saturn), there’s no liberation (Uranus).

For almost the whole year of 2006, Saturn will be in your house of partnership, which tells me that you may still be going through some challenging situations coming from that part of your life. My suggestion is to release the ego (Saturn) for the good of everyone (Uranus) involved.

Have a Mystical Birthday Aquarian Friends!

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Aquarius




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Zonka Purpose Oil 




By the Power of the Highest Good,  I_____________ now lift up my heart for this day and let my mind dwell not on what is missing from my life but what I have to be grateful for. So Mote It Be!


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