Happy Birthday Cancer Friends!

June 20- July 22
by Marcelina

Thanks heavens Saturn is finally on its way out the door of your comfort zone. Saturn is the planet that demands of us to be responsible, and strive to achieve for long term benefits. Fine! The problem was that it totally rattled your cage  to the point that  there was no where to hide anymore.  Since June 2003,  this disciplinarian  planet had been tap dancing  on your most precious belongings-- your family or home security.  On July 16th, itíll finally wave goodbye, leaving you with an awareness that your old beliefs or philosophies can no longer continue if you are to attain inner peace.

My suggestion for you now is to take it easy. There may still be some financial adjustments to be made due to some frustrations you have experienced in the past few months. Regardless, you are on your way to building a new life, or a new empire maybe? There are more millionaires born under your sign than any others, according to some astrologers.

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Cancer

Prayer: By the Grace of the Lady of Compassion, I_________, ask the way of true acceptance of those situations that cannot be changed. Grant me tranquility, peace and harmony within my home, my surroundings, and myself.

Candles: Blue and White, 

Purpose Oil: Healing Oil  

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