Happy Birthday Cancer Friends!

June 21st - July 22nd 2006

We are now half way of 2006! Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year is celebrated at the very beginning of summer (usually falls on June 21st). Nature’s enthusiasts such as Pagans and Wiccans gather on this day in gratitude to the Sun god for providing us light and life throughout the year. Can you imagine waking up without the Sun rising? Talking about dreary, big time!!

Anyhow… this is a time to honor your birthday, my dear Cancer friends! Ruled by the sensitivity of your emotions, the keyword attributed to you is “ I Feel”. Influenced by the moon, Cancerian people sometimes refer themselves as Moon Children, which is somewhat misleading as it disregards their connection to the constellation Cancer. To the Egyptians, Babylonians, Hindus, Chinese and other ancient civilizations, the constellation Cancer was vitally important. The Romans believe that the Crab was placed in the heavens by the Goddess Juno, the Triple Moon Goddess also known as the Goddess of Marriage. Mythology or not, the common belief among astrologers is that, you, my dear Cancer friend have a crablike tenacity. The hard shell of the crab is your protective or covering principle- a tool against emotional harm. Like the ocean tides, there are constant emotional ups and downs, for it is difficult for you to separate what you feel from what you think. Timid, yet bold; practical, yet imaginative; homebody and undistinguished, yet at times, surprisingly showing the greatest genius. Tendencies to want to be first with those you love can sometimes make you appear selfish to them. For some of us who love these insistent and loving people, we must allow them to calm down, and then talk to them, if you wish to be heard.

For you, dear Cancer friends, you will have a satisfying remainder of 2006 with lots of opportunity to experience the gifts contributed by both the Sun and Jupiter, a powerful combination to the advancement of your career. So… give yourself a good pat in the back for a job well done and enjoy the goodness of life!!

Have a Blessed Birthday Cancer Friend!      

Candle Affirmation of the Month For


Suggested Gratitude Candles: White and Blue (unscented)

Suggested Oils: Lemon, and Camphor

Incense: Cedar 

Candle Prayer: I,_____________ thank you, Goddess and God, for allowing me to shine brightly on the risks I take, and beam favorably upon all I touch everyday. So Mote It Be!


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