Happy Birthday Capricorn Friends!

December 21st - January 19th

by Marcelina

Okay, just like the Capricorn energy, the article is a bit late but worth waiting for, I hope. So, for some of you, Belated Happy Birthday, dear Cappy!

Imagine the mountain goat, climbing toward the heights, solitary and alone, facing all the hurdles it has to overcome yet never gives up. Thatís you, Capricorn friend. You have the patience and tenacity to reach your goals in which you earned the respect of your colleagues and claim great rewards for a job well done. The coming New Yearís work load has already been established. You demand success, and yes, youíll have it as you continue to persevere in the hard work and long hours it requires of you. But, who else could do them as well as you do?  NobodyÖ thatís why you are a leader and authority. Have a Blessed Birthday!

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Capricorn

Candles:   If you wish to burn a gratitude candle, I suggest to use a golden brown, unscented 7/day candle.

Prayer: In the names of Mother/Father God, I___________, give thanks to all the goodness I have received and yet to receive. Whatever I do in your names will bear fruit and reward. Whatever I need will be given to me. I put my hands, my head and my heart into your care for this day You have given to me. And so shall it be! Amen

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