Happy Birthday Gemini Friends!

May 20th - June 20th 2006

Greetings to you Friendly Ones!  In Greek mythology, Gemini is the sign of the two brothers, Castor and Pollux, The Twins, one as a heavenly twin, and the other as the earthly one. Despite differences in behaviors, the attachment between the twins was so great that Pollux offered his life as ransom for the slain Castor’s body in a war expedition. In the Egyptian mythology, the symbol of Gemini was not a pair of male twins, but a man and a woman. Regardless of the gender, this is a reminder that everything has dual forces, the opposition of the human and the divine in all of us, or in layman term, the good and the “not so good ” forces. Yes, my dear Gemini, you have the ability to make use of both forces.    

 The keyword for Gemini is “I think”. As the communicator and the butterfly of the zodiac, Gemini’s have tendencies to flit from one situation to another, either to gather more information or to experience growth evolution. Gifted with tremendous wit, charm and sense of humor, you dear Gemini can easily adapt to any situation: social, political, educational, spiritual, you name it… this is what most of us love about you!!  In relationships however, difficulties come when the other party tries to fence you in - a big ‘No-No’ for you, an attribute you share with your opposing sign, Sagittarius (the other Twin). These challenges magnify when presented by many choices. Like “The Lovers” in the tarot deck, you, my dear Gemini, is being asked to harmonize the thinking and the heartfelt decision in order to gain Oneness within your self. The undeveloped ones can be a nag or will fuss over undefined issues - not a pretty sight, don’t you think??             

 For the year 2006, I’d say your suitcase might have to be left packed and ready to go in a moment’s notice. There will be a lot of social activities and traveling that will be presented through partnership of all kinds - make sure to grab opportunities that may come along with it. Luck and fortune is on the rise so take action NOW!!  Jupiter, the ruling planet of your ’twin’, is providing you an opportunity to make your wishes come true.

 Have a Blessed Birthday!  

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Gemini

Suggested Candles: Yellow and Orange (unscented)

Suggested Purpose Oil: Crown of Success

Incense: Sandalwood 

Candle Prayer: By the Power of the Sun God, who gives life to all living creatures do I ____________, now claim my birthright to be happy, full of confidence, and successful in all my endeavors. Every I speak is truth, everything I touch turns to gold.


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