Happy Birthday Leo Friends!

July 22nd - August 22nd, 2006

by Marcelina

Raise your hands and bow your heads, folks!  Our kingly and queenly friends are celebrating their birthdays!  As the sign of the high summer, these regal peoples are always linked with the Sun God; therefore, great courage and self-confidence are evident in their personality. Leo’s keyword is ‘I Will’ which sometimes can be misconstrued as ‘DOMINION’ either by you, or by your loved ones - something for you to ponder, my dear Leo friend. Ruled by your heart, you have the capacity to tame even the most ferocious beast, the Lion. Through this inner center, you exemplify the true meaning of Love - a virtue that we, the less capable ones, are yet to learn.   

In the tarot card “Strength” the Leo symbol, is seen as a woman taming a lion. The head of the beast is resting on her lap - a total act of trust from both sides. To the Babylonians, the constellation Leo is called Urgula, the Lioness. In the same instance, the Roman’s name for the brightest star in the constellation, is called Regulus, the Lion’s Heart. Can we now see the pride displayed by their fluffy lion’s mane hair?  ‘Eat your hearts out,’ they say…       

For the evolved Leo individuals, their loyalty and faith to those they love are immeasurable. Yes you, my dear Leo friend, do have a hard time to let go of those whom you think are your beloved ones. Perhaps, the heat and power of the Sun that rules Leo are to be expanded??… to everyone you presume to love??  A reminder, Leo friend ... ‘the heat can provide warmth and comfort, yet it can also destroy if unattended.’

The remainder of 2006 for you is still somewhat unsettling. Saturn, the taskmaster planet is challenging you to put forth all your effort to accomplish your goals.  The good news is…. a few more ‘wake ups’, starting Nov 23rd, and Jupiter, the bringer of joy and good fortune will be in a very jolly mood with all Leos. Wouldn’t it be nice?  You can start thinking about parties, and entertainment then, but please continue on being diligent with work. You are still under Saturn’s ‘watchful eyes’ until September 2007.

Have a Blessed Birthday!  

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Leo

Suggested Candle: Gold and Pink, unscented

Suggested Oils: Bay Laurel, Myrrh

Suggested Incense: Cinnamon

Candle Prayer:  I, ___________, believe that my heart can become one with the Sun God and I shall overcome my most difficult situations. I now have the strength and courage to walk straight with my spirit and soul, to face my fearful dilemma, and to trust my guidance that leads me towards joy and fulfillment. I am a child of the Sun God and I now claim my birthright to be. So it is, and so shall it be!


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