Happy Birthday Libra Friends!

September 22nd- October 22nd

by Marcelina

Lucky you, Libra people!  You have been the celestial favorite babe lately. Venus and Jupiter, both benefic planets joined together to put you up in front of the rest of us. As one who loved beauty and harmony, you had obtained it with your family, friends and admirers. So, keep socializing, my dear Libra. You will not get another one of this chance for another 12 years. There’s a part of you that wish to secure a partner or mate during this cooler weather. Hmmm…

In the career sector for the meantime, your Boss may have been quite challenging.  One day you get a thumbs up, the next day it’s down the pits. Laugh it off! (not in front of him of him, though). You are just being shown an opportunity to exercise the newly found confidence to say Yes, to your desires, and No, to those that are not your wishes.

Have a Blessed Birthday!

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Libra

Candles:  Pink and Purple

Incense:   Cedar

Prayer:     In the names of the Great Goddess and God I,____________, pray to open my heart to love myself and others unconditionally. Allow me to show compassion and sincerity to those around me, to keep in balance and to give thanks in words and in action. 

So Mote It Be!    

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