Happy Birthday
Pisces Friends!

February 18th - March 20th, 2006

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac representing the completion of the cycle. For you dear Pisces, this is the preparation of your soul to retreat from the world, to clean up the odds and ends that have not been done through your preceding eleven signs‘ (from Aries to Aquarius) lifetimes.

 Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter, the Greater Benefic planet and Neptune, the planet that dissolves matter, give the Piscean the gift of sensitivity and great compassion to their fellow human beings. Their keyword is “I Believe”. But, like anything else in life, there’s always a polarity in all aspects of it.    

The symbol of your sign dear Pisces is the two fish, tied together. One fish swims downstream representing the personality, while the other fish swims upstream representing the soul. Meaning, it’s either the soul that captures the personality or vice versa. Pisceans can sometimes get so bogged down by living in the mundane world that they tend to escape through the use of alcohol or drug substances. The fish lives comfortably in water, or deep emotion, to commune with divinity or escape from it. This is when, my dear Pisces, the choice as to whether to “Serve or Suffer” has to be made.

Have a Blessed Birthday!

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Pisces




Blue, and Green 7/Day, Unscented






In the names of Mother/Father God, hear me! Restore my faith when I have doubts, rescue me from my faults, and open my eyes to the greatness of life.  Bless me, ____________, with your Divine Guidance as I walk through some hindrances and challenges in my life. So Mote It Be!  


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