Happy Birthday Sagittarius Friends!

November 21st - December 20th

by Marcelina

Some of our Sagittarian folk will be somewhat reflective nowadays, quiet contrary to their usual expansive and “risk taker” nature. For their loved ones, don’t hold your breath, this is not going to last very long. These optimistic people are just gathering their inner strength, plotting another one of their visions to manifest for all of us to witness after November of 2006.

When Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius, moved into the 12th house, our Sagittarian friends needed to pull back from their “perceived” generosity towards others. It was time to redirect their awareness to the fact that simple pleasures can also bring prosperous joy.

My suggestion is not to commit into any new projects, rather finish the ones that had been started. Yes, your patience may be challenged, but it is time to complete them now.

Have a Blessed Birthday!

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Sagittarius

Candles:   7 day Unscented Deep Blue and Green

Incense:    Pine or Five Finger Grass

Prayer: In the names of God and Goddess I,_________ call upon thee to grant me that which is mine and continually bless me with the fruits of my labor. And as I say, so shall it be. Amen 


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