Happy Birthday Scorpio Friends!

October 23rd- November 21st

by Marcelina

I can imagine how much you, Beautiful Scorpio, will be smiling ear to ear in the next few months -- and yes, you are overdo to get your spirits lifted up.  Jupiter, the planet that brings good fortune, prosperity and growth, will be guiding you for one whole year to claim your birthright to happiness. There are only a couple things I want to remind you of. First, your Sun in Scorpio will be at odds with Mars in Taurus, and then, with Saturn in Leo. Meaning, there will be an aggressive and/or massive attempt on your part in getting what you want, which may not quite set right with others. My suggestion is to play it cool and make an extra effort not to lose your sense of control and discipline regardless of any obstacles placed in front of you. There will be personal challenges that may require you to release. What could that be? You alone can answer that. Remember that the symbol of Scorpio in tarot is Death, which represents regeneration. Oh, another thing Jupiter does is to expand, from your spirit to wallet, and from wallet to your waist so have fun minus that “extra serving”.  Have a Blessed Birthday!

Have a Blessed Birthday!

Candle Affirmation of the Month For Scorpio

Candles:   Purple

Oil:           Pine

Prayer:    In the names of Mother Goddess and Father God, do I ____________, call the Powers of the Radiant Sun to burn away all self-defeating habits and thought forms which give pain and anguish in my life. Let the Powers of the Light come through me, so I may express serenity, freedom and true divinity.  And so shall it be!

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