Happy Birthday
Scorpio Friends!

October 22nd – November 21st 2009

by Marcelina

 The time has now come to face the hidden mystery of life, the unknowable, and the shadow side of the self. For some of us, it is fearful, its depth can be so paralyzing that the only way out is to surrender to it. Then… a new life immerges, much stronger, more powerful, untouchable by any temptations, the truth is embraced – a true transformation. 

 The Judgment card corresponding to Pluto is read as tooth, fang, and serpent. It is said in the ancient text that the serpent symbolizes an adept and to invoke silence we pronounce the letter…Sh, the power of silence, of the Wise. “Be ye wise as serpents” [i](Matthew 10:16)  [i]

To you Scorpio friends, this life is full of transformations, big ones or none at all. As ruled by both planets, Mars and Pluto, Scorpio individuals are not known to be docile or passive. You are capable of cutting any ties that bind but it has to be on your own terms. You like to study the law, the rules and regulations so you can break them effectively when necessary. Yes, my dear Scorpio, you are one friend that should not be taken for granted.

Your loyalty and respect to those you love and adore are qualities you teach to the rest of us inexperienced. These deep feelings are “secretly” required to be reciprocated - words are insufficient for such emotions. Your passion is deep and so sacred its hidden meaning may only be experienced through sacrifice or surrender. But, why does the process or the expectations of loved ones have to be so intense? Would the result be different if done in a less dramatic manner?

Good news Scorpio friends! On October 29, Saturn, a strict teacher and a slave driver is finally leaving your House of Hope and Friendship. It is time to put forth your visions and dreams and begin to actualize your modus operandi, perhaps behind the scene for now. Your ruling planet Mars will be in full speed to help you around March till the first week of June 2010.    

 Have a Blessed Birthday!, Scorpio Friends!

[i] Divine Triangle, Javane/Bunker

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