Happy Birthday Taurus Friends!

(April 19 - May 20)

A solar eclipse in your 12th house early this month (Apr 8th) indicates that there ’s something brewing behind the scene which could trigger to take inventory of your self worth. The approaching lunar eclipse on the 24th of this month will be in Scorpio, your opposite sign. The sign of Scorpio talks about other people’s money, what we owe or what is owed to us, etc. For this Year 2005, Taurus people are encouraged to take extra precaution or evaluate all types of partnerships related to work, career and financial stability. From the middle of July through September 2007, Saturn, the teacher of limitations will make itself felt in the monetary arena but it also reward those who play their cards right. Perhaps it is time to embrace the changes that are coming ahead and learn to “Go with the flow”. Really, it will be good for you!

Candle Affirmation of the Month For


Suggested Candles: Purple and Green (unscented)

Suggested Oil: Uncrossing

Candle Prayer: In the names of Mother Earth and Father Sky, do I ____________, call forth the powers of the moon to wash away all fear of lack and poverty that creates worries and anxieties in my life. I now let the Divine Spirit of Manifestation come through me in wealth, health and in spirit. So shall it be!


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