Happy Birthday Taurus Friends!

April 21st - May 20th 2006

Happy Birthday Beautiful People!  For many centuries, and from many cultures, ‘the Bull’ had been connected to a local “god” such as Zeus the Bull, or the Phoenician bull-god called, El, the Father of Men. Bull worship was a large part of Mithraism practice.  In Spain, and other Spanish influenced cultures, Bull Fights used to be the sport of prestige and prosperity. The astrological glyph of Taurus is the horn of the bull, also known as The Horned God, the symbol of fertility. When the Sun God moves into the sign of Taurus, it is the season when we can appreciate the freshness of blossoms, the beauty of nature, and the bounty of Mother Earth.

The keyword for Taurus is ‘I Have’. They are the money sign of the zodiac. Possessions and material values are of great significance for you, my dear Taurus. Your love of beauty and luxury exemplifies your classy taste in the art you choose, the clothes you wear and the home you live in. Practical in all your financial approach, you can strike excellent bargains for priceless goods - and waiting for the right time to strike? …you have mastered the patience the rest of us need to learn.    

For this year, 2006, I suggest for you, dear Taurus friend, to continue to exercise caution in your financial dealings. Saturn, the planet of limitation challenges your natal Sun to work a little bit harder, a little bit longer, and be a little bit flexible to build a stronger foundation than what you had before. I suggest not ruling out downsizing responsibilities, if that’s the key to sanity.

Have a Blessed Birthday Taurus Friend!      

Candle Affirmation of the Month For


Suggested Candles: Yellow and Green (unscented)

Suggested Oil: Bay, Money Draw

Incense: Benzoin 

Candle Prayer: In the names of Mother Earth and Father Sky, do I ____________, call forth the powers of the moon to wash away all fear of lack and poverty that creates worries and anxieties in my life. I now let the Divine Spirit of Manifestation come through me in wealth, health and in spirit. So shall it be!


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