September, 2005
by Marcelina

One thing and only one thing (for now) that astronomers, astrologers, geologists, sailors, poets, weatherpersons, fishermen, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists can seem to agree upon, the Moon and Her amazing influences in nature and on human behavior.

In astrology, as women, we are ruled by the Moon, which represents our emotions and feelings. With it, is the receptivity of others’ emotions as well, the reason why intuition is far more stronger in women than in men. As Wise Women, we have the power to capture Her magnificence and apply it into our daily life. To begin with, we have a new moon, a time for starting new projects, then two weeks after, we have a full moon, a good time to expect fruition then release those that are no longer beneficial to the project.

So, here we go…

Lunar Insight
Full Moon in Pisces 
September 17th 2005, 7:01 pm  PDT

Get ready everyone! This is one kind of planetary aspect that we can all benefit from. Jupiter sextile Pluto will put a smile in our purses, so let’s think big. Jupiter is about expansion and Pluto is about power. When these two planets become allies, they bring opportunities for positive changes in our lives… and now! Don’t miss this one, folks! What we must remember though is not to tackle more than we can handle. 

Full Moon in Pisces is about appreciating art and music. Sensitivity to the spiritual realm is very high but so is the urge to escape from the physical and material world.  I would try to drink herbal tea instead of beer or wine during this time, so as to not miss any of your spirit guide’s clues on what to do to claim your prosperity.

Suggestions: Blue and Purple Unscented Candles, and Blessing and Prosperity Oils.

Have a Blessed Full Moon in Pisces!

Remember to include in all of your  work the guiding concept of "And It Harm None!"

It is our belief that the value and use of the products that we carry in our store lies in their ability to enhance the practitioner's own energies and powers. We therefore cannot predict their effectiveness for others, or make any claims for their ability to bring about desired events.  We can only state that we have found them to be of value in our own work.

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