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One thing and only one thing (for now) that astronomers, astrologers, geologists, sailors, poets, weatherpersons, fishermen, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists can seem to agree upon, the Moon and Her amazing influences in nature and on human behavior.

In astrology, as women, we are ruled by the Moon, which represents our emotions and feelings. With it, is the receptivity of others’ emotions as well, the reason why intuition is far more stronger in women than in men. As Wise Women, we have the power to capture Her magnificence and apply it into our daily life. To begin with, we have a new moon, a time for starting new projects, then two weeks after, we have a full moon, a good time to expect fruition then release those that are no longer beneficial to the project.

So, here we go…

Full Moon in Scorpio
May 12th 2006, 11:51 pm PDT

by Marcelina

Happy Full Moon Folks!

For the last three years, the Full Moon in Scorpio had been frustratingly shadowed by a Lunar Eclipse, which unfortunately brought the darker manifestation of the moon. Finally, this period, she’ll bring us a feeling of relief. As the matter of fact, the ‘good guys’ in the heavens are joining hands together to give us a good boast around this time. But, first thing first…

During the Full Moon in Scorpio we as humans, ruled by our emotions, experience a much-intensified feeling of wanting to take control on issues related to our sexuality, and money we owe to others, or is owed to us. These emotions, undoubtedly powerful and determined, can and must be used to enhance their positive side of manifestation. The unaware can sometimes be blinded by their passions and obsessions to be ‘right’ instead of being happy - a difficult choice, indeed!

In the next few days, we must attempt to gather our thoughts and be clear of the things we truly desire to manifest. With this Full Moon in Scorpio embracing Jupiter, the Sugar Daddy of good fortune and prosperity, most of us should have something to celebrate about.   

If perhaps there’s a need to purge inner turmoil, and if you have been promising yourself for quite a long time to do it, well the opportunity to do so is here, Right Now! Just keep everything in moderation, safe and joyous!  My suggestion is to maintain an optimistic attitude, and strive towards creating more simple, practical and healing surroundings.

 “The high souls seeks the high way,

And the low soul seeks the low,

And in between on the misty flats,

The rest drift to and fro”.

Astrology, the Cosmic Science 

by: Isabel Hickey

Have a Blessed Full Moon! 

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