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One thing and only one thing (for now) that astronomers, astrologers, geologists, sailors, poets, weatherpersons, fishermen, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists can seem to agree upon, the Moon and Her amazing influences in nature and on human behavior.

In astrology, as women, we are ruled by the Moon, which represents our emotions and feelings. With it, is the receptivity of others’ emotions as well, the reason why intuition is far more stronger in women than in men. As Wise Women, we have the power to capture Her magnificence and apply it into our daily life. To begin with, we have a new moon, a time for starting new projects, then two weeks after, we have a full moon, a good time to expect fruition then release those that are no longer beneficial to the project.

So, here we go…

New Moon in Gemini
May 26th, 2006, 03:40 am PDT

by Marcelina

Happy New Moon Everyone!

Innovative ideas, new thoughts, inspiring discussions are the theme of this New Moon in Gemini. It is time to put those projects down on paper and discuss the ‘nitty-gritty’ of it all, but, be cautious… things could get heated up. Uranus, the revolutionary planet and bringer of TRUTH, will be challenging Mercury, the planet of communication, to put everything down on the table. Usually these two planets are ‘good buddies’ but even the best of friends can have differences when their own ideas, beliefs or religion are threatened.

Having said that, I suggest we proceed our approach carefully- be methodical and be considerate of others’ opinion. Tendencies to want to prove who’s right or wrong could bring out the negative side of our nature. So, how about starting on reading a “How to” book on Living Beyond Positive Thinking, (very Uranian, wouldn’t you say?) or something like it for now? It’s safer, and will keep the busy brain focused on a more constructive direction.




Unscented Yellow, White


Spearmint, Clover




Great Spirit, I_____________ call upon your Divine Presence to bring the spirit of joy and gaiety so that I may take full advantage of every opportunity for pleasure and success both in personal and business. So Mote It Be!

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New Moon in Gemini Article

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