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One thing and only one thing (for now) that astronomers, astrologers, geologists, sailors, poets, weatherpersons, fishermen, doctors, nurses and psychiatrists can seem to agree upon, the Moon and Her amazing influences in nature and on human behavior.

In astrology, as women, we are ruled by the Moon, which represents our emotions and feelings. With it, is the receptivity of others’ emotions as well, the reason why intuition is far more stronger in women than in men. As Wise Women, we have the power to capture Her magnificence and apply it into our daily life. To begin with, we have a new moon, a time for starting new projects, then two weeks after, we have a full moon, a good time to expect fruition then release those that are no longer beneficial to the project.

So, here we go…

New Moon in Virgo
September 3rd
2005, 11:45 am  PDT

by Marcelina 

This new moon has presented a challenge for all of us. The wrath of hurricane Katrina was intensified by the exact square between Mars and Neptune - the god of war and the god of the sea. Today, the moon will be opposing Uranus, which triggers some unsettling or chaotic feelings within all of us. Some will be critical and skeptical, and others will find ways how to approach life reasonably. The latter option is more to my liking. The Virgo new moon is telling us to learn a new approach to resolve monetary and health related issues in a more practical manner, to reorganize our thought process that we may have a clearer view of what’s ahead of us.

If you find it convenient to burn a white or purple candle for those who had been affected by hurricane Katrina here’s a short prayer to say when you light it, but only if you wish to say it.

“I_____________, call upon the mighty powers of the wind, the sky, the earth and the seas, to provide their watchful eye, that these Children of God will be safe from those who wish them harm. Place them in your sacred circles; nurtured and protected until 'The Light' once again, comes alive. And so it is. Amen."  

Have a Blessed New Moon in Virgo!

Remember to include in all of your  work the guiding concept of "And It Harm None!"

It is our belief that the value and use of the products that we carry in our store lies in their ability to enhance the practitioner's own energies and powers. We therefore cannot predict their effectiveness for others, or make any claims for their ability to bring about desired events.  We can only state that we have found them to be of value in our own work.

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