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Star Highlight ~ Jupiter

June, 2011


Jupiter is considered the Greater Benefic planet, while Venus is the Lesser Benefic. Jupiter is the ruling planet of both Sagittarius and Pisces. It is masculine and he influences matters of fairness, optimism, integrity, luck and expansion. Jupiter symbolizes individuals that are freedom loving, generous, charitable, grateful, and magnanimous. Whatever Gods or divine beings they believe in, these jovial people love them. If Jupiter is badly positioned (by house or by sign) in a personís natal chart, the individual may be hypocritical, wasteful of resources, and expresses dogmatic tendencies.

The true Jupiter-ruled body is usually tall, and many have wide uneven front teeth. The face is an oval, with strong thighs, and some of the men wear black beards. The Jupiter influenced anatomy includes: arterial blood circulation, the liver, the lungs, thighs, hips and feet. 

Other Jupiter influences include: tin, amethyst, topaz, bodhi tree, maple, honeysuckle, sage, large gentle animals, horses and places of worships, such as churches and temples as well as courts and the lawmakers. Colors contain indigo such as purple and navy blue and smells are sweet scents.

Jupiter moved into earthy Taurus on June 4, 2011 for a yearlong stay, until June 11, 2012. As a planet of expansion, this transit indicates an increase of our desires to experience, beauty, pleasure and security.  Three eclipses were in opposition to our attaining of these goals, and may be delaying their fruition by about six months. When Jupiter is in Taurus, it indicates a need to be sensible in the use of our resources.

Jupiter Blessings!

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