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Star Highlight ~ Venus

May, 2011


Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. It is a feminine planet. She is called a Benefic planet; it rules matters of affection, love, money, art, good deeds and enjoyment. Venus symbolizes a person with good manners, enjoys good food and lovemaking. In a personís natal chart, when it is badly placed, (by sign or house) it is said to make one extravagant, opposed to hard work, and can be prone to attracting loose companions.

Physical attributes, especially for women, include good looks, full lips and enticing amoous eyes. The true Venusian influence does not bring height, but roundness. Venus anatomy includes: throat, chin, kidneys, ovaries, and reproductive organs.

Other Venusian influences are: copper, blue sapphire, lilies, sweet apples, roses, gardens, bedrooms, and places connected with art and beauty. Colors are light, such as sky blue and light green, and smells are luscious.  

On May 15th Venus will be moving into its earthy home sign, Taurus, to remain until June 9th.  When Venus is in Taurus is the time to find solutions for reducing both spending and debts.

Venusí Blessings!

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