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Star Highlight ~ Moon

January, 2012

Posted January 19th, 2012

by Marcelina

The Moon represents our feminine side, our mood, instinct, emotion, sensitivity, and she’s also called the builder of form. In the physical world, the Moon has no light of its own- it borrows the light from the Sun to illuminate her radiance. It is not a planet—it is one of the two luminaries, Sun being the other. Like male and female, they are teamwork. In a natal chart, astrologers believe that while the location of the Sun indicates where the individual shines, the Moon sign and its location suggest what one must do in order to feel happy and content.

As the fast moving “planet”, the Moon is like a popular actress, very in-demand, playing twelve different roles (signs) each month. Her performance requires her to change her costumes about every two and a half days. During the “costume-changing” period the actress needs to compose herself, and prepare for the new role, thus a “void-of-course” of the Moon occurs. It’s time to take a breather, sort of a mini weekend. A void-of-course may last only for a few minutes, or other times for a whole day, depending on the ‘mood’ of the Moon. We do best when we use this time for non-material concerns. Decision-making during that period usually turns out to be unrealistic. The Moon is the main timer and activator, and its relationships to other planets should be taken into account. Like the Queen in chess, so is the Moon the strongest piece on the board, invaluable to horary astrology, the astrology of divination.   

The Moon rules Cancer, a cardinal water sign, thus it inherits the quality of the ruler. “Everything she touches, changes” is a song title that appropriately describes the inherit traits from the Moon. It rules the breasts, the stomach, and all illnesses and diseases connected to them, including the bladder. 

A well-placed Moon (by sign and house) in the natal chart signifies a soft, tender, peace-loving individual who loves the comfort and security of the home. A badly placed Moon in the natal chart (by house or sign) can indicate an individual who dislikes work, drinks too much, and/or apathetic. The metal associated to the Moon is silver; colors are silver or silver gray. It influences the herbs eucalyptus, moonwort, camphor, as well as pear and peach trees.       

Moon Blessings!   

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