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The World of Iday

Raised as a Roman Catholic, with a father who spoke to "Dwendes" and told stories of a young man's journeys in search for his lady with a star in her heart and a moon on her forehead, does seem to be a bit strange upbringing to most people, but is there any better way to live than by being a part of all living things?  I thought it was normal for my brother to talk to birds and animals, which always caused him trouble with my father for being late on his errands.  And what about my Godfather Ulpiano, a "Tambalan" who had to do Fire Dance Rituals to save Cousin Enza, betrothed to an "Encanto", from going back to the world of the Unseen.  These were not childhood fantasies, they were all real experiences, they were my real family and this is the real me, Marcelina."

The preceding is only the beginning of "The World of Iday".  After all these years of trying to fit into the world of Rock & Roll and Burger Kings, I have decided to begin to tell the stories of my childhood.

Thanks to a my dear friends for encouraging me to start writing, and most especially, to my husband John, who believes in me and tells me that there's no reason to disappoint those who have always thought of me as strange anyway.

February, 1992

The World Of Iday

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The Red Pouch   

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