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JefPool.GIF (38752 bytes)If someone told me five years ago I would be healing people with an energy system that requires no physical contact, I probably would not have believed them. Even though I had been involved with martial and meditative arts for over thirteen years, at the time, I just didn't see myself as a "healer". But when my friend and teacher, Daniel O'Hara, fixed a muscle strain in fifteen minutes, which normally takes two or more days to heal, I found myself drawn to this new way of life.

Pranic Healing is "no-touch" healing modality which uses the natural and Divine energies that are all around us to restore health, vitality, and balance to the physical and energetic bodies. This extraordinary art was developed through the labors of Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui who has authored five books on the subject and teaches internationally. Master Steven Co, the senior certified instructor for the United States, has been featured on Hard Copy as well as the NBC news, ABC news, and other programs using this healing art form.

JefPool2.GIF (59941 bytes)Prana is a Sanskrit term meaning "life-force" It surrounds and permeates all things. Different words have been used in many cultures for the same definition. In the bible it's ruah. In Chinese it's chi as in Tai chi chaun. Aikido has the root word ki which is the Japanese equivalent for life-force. The modern version could be likened to the Force in Star Wars.

The concept of Pranic Healing is quite simple. Science has already proven there is an electromagnetic field around the body. Just as the physical body has physical organs performing certain functions, so too does the energetic bodies have certain organs or chakras (energy centers) that perform certain functions. When these energy centers are out of balance, disease and disharmony manifest. This includes mental, emotional, and financial dysfunctions and, in actuality, all areas of our lives. Pranic Healing restores health and vitality by cleaning, strengthening and balancing the energy centers. This is done by a variety of techniques which are taught in classes through the American Institute of Asian Studies headed my Master Co. (Please see our website www.pranichealing.com ).

One of these techniques is the Twin Heart Meditation. This simple, yet extremely powerful, meditation is used to bless the planet Earth though it could be used to bless anything or anyone (warning: this technique should not be used by or individually on anyone who is under eighteen, over sixty or in poor physical health. This is due to potential harm caused by the tremendous down pouring of spiritual energies). This includes loved ones, places (homes) and objects (food). But it is not limited to only the aforementioned. One's personal projects, events or trips, and one's finances can also be blessed.

The meditation itself is very easy to do:



Twin Heart meditation



Prayer is, of course, up to the individual. One may pray to Whomever one wishes. Whatever one decides is Holy is what one should honor. Pranic Healing is nondenominational though we do pray to a Supreme being. This again can be whatever an individual deems God to Be. Regardless of semantics, it's a good idea to pray for love, mercy, guidance, and protection for one's self and all beings. And anything else for that matter. It should definitely include a message of gratitude not only to the Almighty but to all beings of Love and Light. This is done before and after the meditation.

Because of the incredible amount of Divine energies that will descend upon us during the meditation on Twin Hearts it is wise to do light physical exercises before and after. Essentially, what occurs doing exercising, when observed by a clairvoyant (someone who can see energy), is dirty and used up energy is expelled from the body and the aura get bigger and brighter. This is why we feel so good after a workout. The first set preps the physical and energetic bodies. The last one helps the prana to assimilate more effectively. Remember, just five to ten minutes of mild stretching and calisthenics is enough to get the juices flowing.

The meditation on Twin Hearts is even easier. It's name is derived from the two energy centers used in this technique: the heart and crown chakras. One is the center of physical or human love and the other is the opening for spiritual love.

To begin, gently tap your heart center and crown centers, which are over your physical heart and the top of your head, respectively. Think of a happy event. Not just logically, but be there again. Really feel it.

Now imagine a small planet earth in front of you and visualize two rays of light, one from your heart and the other from the top of your heart enveloping the planet while projecting that happy feeling you created only moments before. See all people smiling and all beings filling up with Love and Light. Do this for about five to ten minutes. Exercise and give thanks.

The short version for blessing your food, or anything else, is to see what you are about to bless as being filled with light coming from your heart and crown energy centers. Then give thanks. This is a very basic and very effective meditation. One of many in the Pranic Healing art form.

The actual healing techniques are a bit more involved but can be utilized right after they have been taught. All that is required is a little faith and an open mind. When one has an understanding of energy, how it works, and how it affects us, suddenly, like a flash of enlightenment, we become clear that there is a lot more going on around us than we might have thought before. Imagine being able to relieve a headache from someone you love in a few minutes. Or to ease the tears of a little baby. Or to manifest good things into your life and the lives of your family and friends. When you understand and utilize the principles of Pranic Healing, all this and more can become a reality.

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We are sorry to report that Jeffrey Sean Pool passed away on September 27, 2007.

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