Isis Rising




The Goddess in the New Aeon

Book Review

By: Julie Belmonte

"ISIS RISING, the Goddess in the New Aeon" an anthology of poetry and art edited by Denise Dumars,  is a wonderful compellation of poems and artistry that pays tribute to the Goddess and the creative gift she has provided to the authors of such works.

Because poetry is such a personal vehicle, you may find that you do not identify with, or fully understand each piece, yet still find comfort in the reading. The tranquil energy it exudes is like cuddling in the bosom of Goddess herself and seeking comfort enveloped by her wings.

This series of poems comes from poets of varied backgrounds and walks of life.  They all bring originality and a common respect for our Dear Lady. Among my favorites is a poem entitled "Once" by S. Ebony, its topic reincarnation. I identified with this verse automatically, I have been places and recognized articles that I believe were once in my possession or at least that I had seen a long, long time ago. This poem conjured up those special nostalgic feelings that let us know our souls go on.

The art throughout is very creative, beautiful, as it draws you into a feeling of beauty and appreciation of such.

This book lends it self-well not only for private readings, but to be used as part of any ritual that evokes the Goddess. It not only speaks of Isis, but many of her diversified deities. It transcends the test of time, with poems written in reference to a different millennia, and to our present. The writings are eloquent and empowering to us all.

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