The Pagan Book Of Living And Dying






Book Review By: Jennifer Rogers

The Pagan Book of the Living and Dying encompasses the spirituality needed to accompany and make peace with death as part of life. The Pagan community has needed a book such is this for a long time coming. This book is a compilation of writings, songs, prayers and thoughts of different beings with one mind set.

From my own personal experience, this book set me at ease with my motherís passing early this year. I only wished is that I would have read this work prior in preparation to her death. As it is, it re-affirmed my beliefs and gave me comfort with what had transpired during her passing.

This book depicts death as part of the wheel. The cycle of birth, growth, death, decay, and regeneration is not something to fear but to embrace. As with any change and transition, we fear the unknown. This book aids the passage in a warm and enlighten manner.

The meditations lull you into a comfortable yet invigorating journey through the darkness into the light. The meditations, prayers and blessings help the living as well as the dying. It is a profound book filled with openness towards all beliefs. Its provoking statements shape to fit any individuals religious foundations. No matter what or whom we believe in we, will all at one time or another share the communality of death.

Letís all rejoice in life and look towards death in the distance as a journey a new challenge to face with wisdom and not fear.

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