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It has been more than thirty years now that I’ve been away from my homeland - a very long time indeed. But the memory of my birthplace are still vivid; the farm where we used to plant our crops, the rice fields, our house with the stilts, the river we bathed in, our grade school yard with a huge “Datu Tree” believed to have a tree spirit to guard it from naughty children, all these are fun memories, and I want to keep them that way. Perhaps, to share with those who wonder what it is like to grew up in that part of the world.

The The World of Iday is a short collection of stories from my childhood in the Philippines.

From time to time you will also find our Cultural Traditions, the celebrations, festivals and other community gatherings listed as I remember them. And of course, food was always the center of all gatherings. Here, I have included some Traditional Recipes that were found to be enjoyable by those who had visited my beloved childhood country.  Just remember… I do not claim to be a chef.


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