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June 1997 E-Zine Issue

Creating Better Family Relationships Through Astrology

by Samantha Davis

How can astrology be helpful in becoming a better parent?

Since the main job of a parent is to be a facilitator for their child’s development, and since astrology provides the personality profile of the child, it becomes apparent how astrology becomes a useful tool. A facilitator is one who brings out the best in another, and astrology guides the facilitator to the areas in need of development. Astrology points out the strengths and the weaknesses which the child has chosen to work with in this lifetime. It also shows their talents, their values, their emotional make-up and needs, how they think, how they learn, and how they process information as well as their experiences. It also shows what challenges them, what pleases them, and how they relate to others. Shall I go on, or do we have the idea? Obviously, with all of this information available and more, it’s easy to see how a parent-facilitator would be more effective.

Why is it so important for a parent to know what sign their child’s Mercury is in at birth?

The planets symbolically symbolize personality characteristics. Mercury is the planet which represents the thought process and mental attitudes. It is our thinking reaction to our physical environment and the way we communicate to the outside world. It is mental input and output, so it is also the planet in which we learn. We all process information very differently and Mercury’s placement shows how this takes place. We have different meanings for the same words and place different importance and value on them. Some signs resonate with words that create feeling, such as Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Others are activated with words which stimulate thought and objectivity such as Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. This suggests that a parent would do well to understand how a child processes his or her information. Mercury shows us what frequency or mode for transmission and reception the child is operating on. Like a radio station - in order to have clear reception, you must be tuned into the right frequency. When a parent understands this, and knows the right frequency, they can adjust their own so they are tuned in. This interaction is called establishing rapport. It is mandatory for effective communication. For example, a parent with a feeling Mercury will not get through to a child with a thinking Mercury. Since school is also a place of learning for you child, a teacher with the same situation may have trouble communicating. Of course, once you know what sign Mercury is in for both yourself and your child, you can, as a parent, become the good facilitator that your role requires.

When should a parent have a child’s chart done?

It is definite advantage to have the chart prepared and interpreted as soon as possible. There are many insight which are useful from the very beginning. Things such as: what kind of music will be calming or pleasing to the baby, what will make the child feel secure, how to handle the infant physically, and many more little tips. Aside from the information about the new addition, the chart will show what the family dynamics are. When I do a new baby’s chart, I also do the charts of all the family members to see how everyone will interact. I also look for what, if any, challenges might be present, and who in the family has what kind of connections or planet contacts. This has been a tremendous advantage in my own family. At this point our new arrivals are grandchildren. I have four children and five grandchildren with another one on the way. Everyone is always anxious to hear about the new member’s chart.

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