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Celtic Shamanism

September 1997 E-Zine Issue

by Treasa 1997

"Why should I care about ancient Celtic lore, Treasa? I mean, what does some 2,000 year old Irish dude have to tell me that could be of any practical use in my life today?" someone asked me recently.

"An excellent question!" I answered with a laugh. What can some "2,000 year old Irish dude" have to teach us today, as we approach the twenty-first century?

Deepak Chopra tells us in his book, "The Way of The Wizard,"

"A wizard exists in all of us.

This wizard sees and knows everything.

It is simply a matter of taking the time to find your inner wizard or shaman."

But why do we need the knowledge of a "wizard" or "shaman?" you may ask. We need it to bring purpose to our lives and to lift ourselves up from what I call the "daily grind" of everyday living. You know the "daily grind," don’t you? The bills, the insurance, the housework, the job, the responsibilities of everyday life. The "daily grind" leaves one feeling empty, with a nameless yearning, that can perhaps be best expressed by an old song from the sixties or seventies whose chorus asks:

"Is that all there is? Is that all there is? If that’s all there is, my friends,
then let’s keep dancing lets break out the booze and have a ball.
If that’s all there is…"

It seems that we work harder to make more money to buy more stuff that costs ever increasing amounts of money to maintain until we’re not sure whether we own our "stuff" or whether our "stuff" owns us. Addictions and self-destructive behaviors can be the result.

There is a story about a disciple in India who goes to a great guru and asks, "Why do I feel so bottled up inside as if I want to scream?" The guru looks at him and replies, "Because everyone feels that way."

We all want love and magic in our lives. When we were children the world seemed full of both, until the process of growing up and being "educated" disillusioned us. We may find ourselves now, as adults, feeling blocked or stuck in some sort of cage from which we cannot escape. But it is a cage created in our own minds.

Spirituality and Wisdom

As a psychic reader for a national telephone network, I have had the opportunity to speak to hundreds of people from every state in the union, from every walk of life, old and young alike. Yet, they all tell me the same basic thing. A 40-year-old truck driver from New Orleans, who called the me one morning at 3 a.m., perhaps said it best. "I need something, man," he said me. "I do need something. I just wish the hell I knew what it was." I believe that "something," which everyone seems to be searching for in today’s world, is the spirituality and wisdom of our ancestors and their shamans.

Shamanism is very probably the oldest known spiritual discipline in the world. We find signs of its practice on every continent and its ancient art is still taught today in many parts of the world. Because it is not an organized religion, but rather a spiritual practice, shamanism cuts across all faiths and creeds.

The series of classes entitled "Celtic Shamanism Studies," which is scheduled to begin at Mystical Minds in September 1997, will provide a link back to the "Shamanism" of the natives of ancient Ireland. However, one need not be Irish, nor even have a particular interest in Celtic lore to feel its power or to use the methods that it teaches.

I am well aware that Shamanism cannot be "taught" in the traditional sense. However, it is my hope that through learning a little about the Celts and their world, the student may discover another world, filled with possibilities and wonder. This class should be regarded as a "jumping-off" point into one’s own magical journey.

The "Celtic Shamanism Series" features practical exercises, including the creation of one’s own personal "tools" useful on that "magical journey," as well as other resources you will need to assist you along the way. This class will serve as a guide to the "doorways" that lead within, and tap into, the boundless power that lies hidden inside each of us.

The Facts of Life

I have been told by some more "logical, scientific" types that spirituality is simply just superstition and not something "real" or of any "practical value" in the material world. "Come down off your new-age Cloud Nine, Treasa," they say. "This is the real world. You’d better wake up to the cold, hard facts of life. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist." When I ask them where that leaves air, gravity and magnetism, the conversation quickly comes to an abrupt halt and they disappear.

I’ll never forget that hot summer afternoon I offered to read the tarot cards for my brother, a mechanical engineer who swears by the "scientific method." He reacted so negatively that his refusal bordered on hostility. This took me by surprise as he was normally such a calm and rational fellow. His whole body recoiled and for an instant I had the crazy thought that he was going to break out a crucifix and shove some garlic in my face for his protection.

Instead he grabbed my arm and pulled me outside on the patio. "Do you want to know what happens to us when we die, Treasa?" he asked me vehemently. "Who doesn’t?" I thought. "Sure!" I answered. "When you die, Treasa, you’re buried in the ground, and the worms eat your bones!" "How delightful," I thought to myself. "Thank you for sharing!"

I remembered the boy who lies buried inside his 30-year-old body. That boy of 18 would drive for miles just to spend a few hours visiting me. He often stopped to pick a flower along the way just because he liked its color and wanted to share its beauty with me. He hasn’t stopped to pick a flower in years. That boy would laugh spontaneously, full of fun and wonder about the world around him. I don’t think I’ve seen him really laugh or have any fun in years. All the fun seemed to go out of his life around the same time he stopped pulling his car over to pick flowers.

Thought Experiments

In "The Way of the Wizard," Deepak Chopra asks the question:

"What is a thought experiment? It’s a way of leading your mind into new places, making it see things differently. The wizards knew something deep and important—if you want to change the world, change your attitude toward it. Einstein once lay on a couch, closed his eyes, and saw a man traveling at the speed of light. Following up on that intriguing image, he began to conduct various thought experiments, seemingly mere musings. Within a few years, however, the attitudes of the whole scientific world would be transformed as nature itself confirmed Einstein’s transcendent visions.

If a fantasy on a couch can alter the world, then there must be tremendous power in thought experiments. Nothing is truly learned until it is lived. Reason, experience, spirit—once these come together the wizard’s way is open…The wisdom inside you is like a spark that once lit can never be extinguished."

Through the "Celtic Shamanism Series" of classes, I will show you a way to that "spark of wisdom" of which Deepak Chopra spoke. Learning these ways of the ancient Shaman may not eliminate all the problems in your life. However, it will provide you with the means to solve those problems with less stress and conflict. And best of all, you’ll have fun doing it!

The Benefits Revealed

In the "Celtic Shamanism" class, a few of the topics I will be exploring and the benefits of shamanism revealed will include:

  • Learning to use the Wheel of the Year in your daily life
  • Finding your "bliss" and using it as a way to "light the spark of wisdom" that lies within
  • Taking charge of your life
  • Celtic Stone divination as a way to "peek" at future probabilities and using that information to avoid future problems
  • Accessing knowledge and information you did not think you possessed.
  • The "Web of Life" and how it can help you feel connected to yourself, to others and to the earth itself
  • How to set appropriate goals for yourself and how to reach them effectively
  • How to recognize, accept and initiate changes needed in your life
  • Tapping into the infinite supply of energy and power available to us all
  • Using the Seven Principles and Seven Blessings of the Shaman to enrich, heal and empower your life
  • Clearing your life of unwanted beliefs, goods, habits and people
  • Where to find assistance when faced with obstacles that seem insurmountable

Inner Power

Through the use of class exercises and student projects, each participant will receive the tools and resources required to access their inner power. The power of imagination and thought will be explored. Students will also enjoy the opportunity to meet other "like-minded" seekers, exploring new possibilities socially as well as psychologically and spiritually. In this way, perhaps we can create our own modern-day "Clan" here in Dana Point.

So the next time someone asks you what some "2000 year old Irish dude" has to teach us, you’ll be ready for them. "I’m glad you asked," you’ll begin, then whip out the bullet points listed above and proceed to blow their 21st Century minds!

Treasa can be contacted directly by e-mail at: tarot1@cox.net

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