Real Buried Treasure




June 1997 E-Zine Issue

The Real Buried Treasure

by Sarah Noll

The first crystalline treasure that the Earth put into my possession was a green tourmaline pendant. My closest friend gave it to me, so of course it had great value, but it has taken me years to fully appreciate that I am able to carry a beautiful and powerful piece of the Earth. I can keep it close to my heart or wherever I may need it. Since then, I have developed a great reverence for not only the beauty of the stones, but the healing, energizing, and protective qualities as well. I have also developed an ever changing collection which sits upon my mantle in the light where they can shine and share there energies with mine and my friends. Crystals have definitely become a part of my day to day life.

As I walk down my life path and come to its inevitable twists and turns, I’ve found that different stones have a way of showing up when they are needed most. Amethyst is one of those stones. It is a stone that keeps me in touch with my spiritual side, which can be difficult sometimes in the reality of today. It has the ability to clear the aura and stabilize dysfunctional energy in the body. It helps me to maintain my higher consciousness and remember that there is a oneness to everything. It helps to bring me clarity in decisions that I am making to attain my goals.

Another stone which crosses my path, less frequently than the Amethyst, but always when I need it, is Citrine. Both Amethyst and Citrine are quartz crystals, the Amethyst usually being purple, and the Citrine ranging from yellow to brown. Citrine is a crystal that has always felt very friendly to me. It is one of two minerals on Earth that does not hold and accumulate negative energy, but dissipates it. It emits an elevated energy which brings initiative and emotional balance. It increases the energy of the root chakra, providing comfort and optimism. Many of my friends have collections as well, and we trade stones often. Citrine is a stone I give to those people I love.

As time passed, I found myself living in northern California, moving from one place to the next, unable to decide where to settle. I found myself in San Francisco for a few months and frequented a crystal shop there on a regular basis. This is where I first discovered a crystal called Ametrine. Ametrine is a very beautiful stone. It is a combination of Citrine and Amethyst which have grown together. It can also be produced by subjecting Amethyst to a radiation process. The stone is purple with wonderful golden streaks and spots throughout it. I wanted a piece of it for many months while I was there and for some reason, never purchased any. I was very attracted to it at first because of its beauty. When I moved back down to southern California, my desire for it grew stronger, but I was unable to find any. Time passed, I got a job, which was something I hadn’t done in quite some time, and now had to be on a regular time schedule. I had almost given up on the Ametrine, when one day I met a man who had some of the most beautiful Ametrine points I’ve seen. I knew the time was right, and so I bought one.

I have since then found out that besides carrying the properties of the Amethyst and Citrine, it is useful in taking the old and new and blending them together for easy transition. It helps to adjust to the changes that occur in life. It stimulates the intellect to reach past worldly aspects, and towards a development of consciousness. It is very useful to me considering I had just moved from one environment to a very different one, had to readjust my life to having a set time schedule, and am working in a metaphysical bookstore. I feel the Amethyst helps keep me in touch with the universal source that brings change about, and the Citrine helps me to relax and remain optimistic so I can take in all I am learning.

I have seen the comforting effects on others as well as myself. A friend held my Ametrine while venting about a present situation in her life. By the time she handed it back, it was hot to the touch and throbbing in my hand. She in turn felt much better. Ametrine is a versatile, comforting stone that I would recommend to anyone in a transitional period of their life. It has been a great friend to me and I give thanks to our Mother for providing it.

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