Your Guardian Angels




A Meeting with Your Guardian Angels

by David Peden

Each of us from time-to-time has undoubtedly experienced a sense that someone that we can’t see is near to us. Or perhaps we experienced a voice that we hear inside of ourselves. Many people have different ideas as to the cause of these experiences. Some say that our own subconscious mind is communicating with us. That the voice we hear is our own inner voice, and the presence we feel is our own self, both in the larger sense of who we are. However, others say that there are unseen spiritual influences, or Angels that are communicating with us. Many believe that there exists a non-material dimension, or spirit world, where Angels are communicating messages to us all the time.

Regardless of which of these views that you believe in, both of these experiences nevertheless would be extremely valuable opportunities for self-understanding. For example, even Dream Interpretation in modern psychology, has for decades proven to be a very valuable tool for people to understand themselves, and their inner thoughts and feelings. Whether we are generating these perceptions ourselves, or whether these are being revealed to us from an Angel, either way this does not change their potential importance and significance in helping us grow. From my experience, I believe that actually both these phenomenon are occurring all the time for each of us.

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