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What Can You Learn From A Past Life?

by David Peden

David Peden, a hypnotist specializing in Past Lives,
finds fascinating similarities in this startling voyage from our one life to the next!

The following is an actual case of a client of David’s, that he did a past life session with. The names have been changed to protect the confidentiality of the individuals. Their story is presented here, with their permission, for the purpose of providing you with an example of how the theory of "past lives" can effect our present life.

Jane, who was 24, came into David’s office about 3 years ago. She was curious about experiencing a past life regression. She said that she had no particular reason for wanting to do so, but just wanted to satisfy her curiosity. During the session she remembered being very much in love in another lifetime, with a very handsome man named Isaac. Isaac was very affectionate and loving. During this regression she knew her full name, Isaac’s full name, each of their parent’s names, the name of the village in Europe where she lived, the year it was in the 1800’s, plus many, many other details about this previous life. In that life she eventually married Isaac, and her life very soon changed from that point on. He no longer was affectionate and adoring to her, and before long he practically ignored her. She also suspected Isaac of having an affair with another women, and she continued to became very lonely and unhappy in that life, and wished that she never married him.

In her current life, Jane had received a marriage proposal about a year earlier, from a man who she was deeply in love with. He was kind and gentle, and she really did care very much about him. However, she couldn’t bring herself to accept his marriage proposal, and she had no idea why? After this Past Life Experience she believes that her apprehensive feelings were due to an unconscious (past-life) fear that once she got married, she would soon become lonely and miserable. She told me that she knew that the husband from the past life that she had seen was not the same person as her present boyfriend. Two weeks after this session she accepted her boyfriends marriage proposal. One year later they were married. That was two years ago, and Jane says today they are still very happy, and still very much in love. She told us that, "I still believe that it is very important to take your time before you decide to get married."

David can be reached through Mystical Minds,
or by e-mail at inersights@aol.com

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