Sphinx Looks Ahead




The Sphinx Looks Ahead to a New Age

June 1997 E-Zine Issue

by Brenda Matarazzo, Ph.D.

3:30 AM Giza Plateau, Egypt

I sat between the paws of one of the most mysterious and fascinating monuments of all time. The Great Sphinx of Giza.

Its weathered head loomed above me, all around it, stars sprinkled the early morning sky. One star shone more brightly than the others, its brilliant winking likened to a far off coded message. The fixed star of Sirius, which so fascinated the ancient Egyptians. Was that star the origin of such a brilliant and advanced race of which the Sphinx bears witness?

New Facts discovered in the pyramid texts of the fifth and sixth dynasties date the arrival of the Egyptian Moon God Thoth (also known as Hermes) at the time when the Vernal Equinox was in the astrological sign of Cancer, 7256 B.C.. Moved by the primitive peoples’ lack of education and laws, he and his fellow colonists from the land of the west became teachers. Deified by the people, they became the first of the master race to appear in the Nile valley.

Were the People who came from the west missionaries and colonists from Atlantis? And if so, what was their connection to the Sirius star?

To all of this the Sphinx bears witness.

According to Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian who studied with Egyptian priests, their history was dated 11,340 years before his era, nearly 14,000 years before the present.

Originally, the pyramids were surmised to be 6,000 years old and built by the Pharaoh Chepheren. However, recent discoveries in 1996 using computer enhancement, have aligned the pyramids exactly with the Orion constellation, an alignment that would prove them to be at least 10,000 years old. Nor were they tombs. Not a single mummy has ever been found in any of the three pyramids, although there were tombs built around them in later times.

If not tombs, what were they? There was no entrance from the outside of any of the pyramids until the Al Memmon entrance was punched through the side of the grand pyramid by an Arab in approximately 600 AD, who thought there was a fortune in gold to be had.

To all these mysteries, the Sphinx bears witness.

Mysteries in part revealed by the historian Herodotus again in his studies with the Egyptian priesthood. According to his writings, the priesthood reserved the pyramid complex for their religious and magical rites. The pyramids themselves are temples of initiation.

During those times, the initiate would enter through the paws of the Sphinx to a chamber underneath. From that chamber, the passage to the three pyramids would branch off where the initiate would undergo the trials of his initiation. These passages have been discovered in recent years through x-ray technology, but as yet, no one has broached them.

The renowned Edgar Cayce has written about the chamber beneath the Sphinx. That too, has never been opened. It has been said by many mystics and philosophers over the course of thousands of years to the present, that the knowledge revealed from underneath the Sphinx will change the world.

Perhaps it is not time, and as I look at the blurred and deteriorated form of its body, I can only guess that this process may somehow have a timetable of its own. And that the Sphinx call Her-mem-akhet (Horus of the Horizon) will reveal only what is needed for the times.

So, like its symbol of lion’s body and man’s head, it will reveal its secrets upon the dawning of a new age - year 2000, where the Sphinx born in the age of Leo (lion) will bear witness in the age of Aquarius (man).

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