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"The Chi": Free-flowing Dance

by Jennifer Marin

How little we spend honoring our bodies. When was the last time you looked in a mirror and said "WoW! I’m truly a work of art! How magnificent my face is, my arms, legs hips…",etc..? How about "God, do I love my smile - thank You so much!"? I’d venture to say the vast majority of people don’t take the few moments a day to give themselves the gift of admiration.

Instead, we allow the media to dictate to us what is beautiful. We all want to be thinner, tanned, pumped up… breast, lips, and now penis. When will it stop? When will we know we are perfect just as we are?

Carolyn Myss author of "Anatomy of the Spirit", states that the energy around us holds our memories. That disease is created by a dis-ease in the body. We go about our days dealing with the pressures of every day living. Some of us do the weekly massage, or you may take a yoga or Tai Chi class to bring you back to center. What if you simply can’t afford massages, or never seem to have the time to get to a class, or, like me, have done all of the above and more, and still find that you need something else…

There are so many wonderful forms of energy movement techniques which help us focus on out bodies, such as yoga and Tai Chi, to name a couple. They both incorporate the movement of energy, and their movements are very structured. However, once you’ve mastered them, the benefits are outstanding. What if however, you’re more like me, and these are just too structured, and you just can’t seem to remember which movement does what?

I have developed a form of energy movement that I call "The Chi". It consists of a free flowing dance, nothing to remember, just you moving to the beat of the music. No structure, completely allowing you to release your body to the energy coming from the Universe. Experience you body surrender and connect you to your core. I have taught others this dance, and they always wonder how anything so simple could be so spiritually uplifting. The best part is, once you experience it, you’ll want to give it to yourself often. We don’t need to run to class or to a workshop - you can do it at home, by the pool, on the beach (my favorite place), or even in the airport! (Yes, I’m guilty.)

So you see, you have the power to move your own energy - to bring light, love, wholeness into your life, and it’s simple (I promise). Don’t wait a moment longer, sign up and come dance with me!

As always, I send you light and joy!

Dear Parents…

by Jennifer Marin

As we begin our entrance into the new millennium, we find ourselves reflecting on the past. The future belongs to our Children, and sadly we’ve left them very little. In this country, children are not honored. We exist in a society where we spend more money on weapons and little money on the care and welfare of our children.

It is no wonder gangs are springing up everywhere. Many of our children live in single parent households. They spend a lot of time alone and many feel lonely. So they turn to gangs. Others may have two parents in a household where both parents work and this kid may turn to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, etc. Last, but not least, we encounter the child who indulges in self hate and becomes bulimic or anorexic. All these kids are in trouble and their pain is obvious to us all. What about the kid who is simply "functioning"? You know what I’m talking about, many adults do it. Simply existing versus living. Many of these same children go to church and synagogues or some other form of worship, and yet they feel lost and alone. Disconnected from Source. Why? Many kids see God and associate the image of God with "Fire and Brimstone". Many religions promote "fear", i.e., "If you behave badly, God will not love you and you’ll go straight to hell!"

What if there was a better way, to bring our kids closer to God, without fear or judgment. As the mother of a teenager, I discovered that kids could get lost "spiritually" whether they have great parents or unavailable parents. It truly doesn’t seem to matter. We were not taught to "speak our truth, why would we expect our children to speak their truth?

Two years ago, I was going through a separation and planning a move to California. I was so consumed with my "stuff", I forgot about my 12 year old daughter, who was obviously experiencing my fears and uncertainty. One day I happened to hear her crying in her room. I asked what was wrong and she told me she felt lost and alone. She said she could die in that moment and she’d be grateful. My heart leapt from my chest and I felt sick to my stomach, because when I was 13 years old I tried to commit suicide because I felt lost and alone. I thought "Oh God, how did this Happen?". I hugged her and told her that she could never be alone for I was with her as well God. I told her we needed to devise a code word or phrase so that whenever she felt alone, I would stop whatever I was doing and pay full attention to her. Two years later she still asks for "Mommie Time" and she never has to worry about me not being available.

I have since learned that all the things I seek, love affection, respect, etc., are thing we can give ourselves. I have taught my daughter this, and she in turn has taught to her friends. Let’s not allow our children to be known as the "Generation of Casualties". Let us remember that we are spirits "first", having this human experience.

I propose a workshop where our Children will be afforded unconditional love and respect where they can speak their truth and never be criticized. Let’s teach them to meditate and find their "God-Selves" and to do visualizations to heal old wounds and promote healthy affirmations (self-talk)

We have so few remaining rituals. Let’s create new rituals, ones that inspire self-love and respect for all living creatures, including our beloved planet Earth.

We can’t save all the children in the world… yet. However, we can begin by saving ours. I have made that promise, so come experience the joy of "Kicking It With G.U.S." (Greater Universal Spirit).

As always, I send you light and joy!

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