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July, 1997 Issue

Monthly Column by Jennifer Rogers©


A pagan in the midst of a conservative suburbia neighborhood. Actually it’s not that bad. I respect others, their views and religions. I try to be open-minded and to listen and learn. The trick to living an easy going life is to do your thing without worrying about what others think of you. If you truly believe in your faith, if you see results from your workings everyday of your life. Do you need others to validate what you do or who you are?.

I wear my pentacle everyday, I wear it to work, to the market, to my child’s school. It is my symbol my talisman if you will. It represents the things I believe in, I feel its protection, it is a part of me. I don’t wear it to flaunt it, or to intimidate others. I found if you live your life without malice, without intent on harming any one, if you radiate positive energy, the only time somebody is going to question what you believe in, is in a positive light. Such as, "You are always so happy, or how come everything seems to work out for you?" At that time, if you choose and depending how well you know this person with the inquiring mind, you might share some of your believes, such as the positive thoughts you carry for yourself and others, perhaps some of the magic workings that you do, simple things like sharing meditation techniques to help relax and be able to cope with everyday difficulties.

If you don’t go out of your way to push or even try to convert others, for the most part I’ve found that all types of people coming from diversified backgrounds and upbringings will get along.

It is of course much easier to follow one's beliefs if one is not in the public light. If success comes your way and you’re catapulted into the lime light, you must realize that along with the riches and fame there will be people there to criticize you, for whatever reason they choose. Your religion, might just be one of those things. Always think that it was your belief in the All Mighty, whoever that may be for you, that got you your success in the first place and it is the Ever Powerful Universal Energy that will always be with you. You have to stand your ground, make your life work and don’t worry what your neighbors think because you don’t get up early on Sunday morning and go to Church.

The trick is to enjoy life, do the things that make you feel good without harming yourself or anyone else and live life to its fullest. Life is too full of beauty to live with regrets and I do not regret for one single minute being a Pagan. One thing I must say, you cannot just go out in the open and state your case to everyone. You must think of the consequences that it might bring to your love ones. Perhaps you don’t mind taking a stand for what you believe in, but don’t make a cause that might be turned against your children at school or among their friends. Protect yourself wisely as your pentagram protects you. Just remember we’re all human, and some are more open than others. Be wise and the Wisdom of the Ages will always be with you.

Blessed Be

Jennifer Rogers

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