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August 1997 E-Zine Issue


Monthly Column by Jennifer Rogers1997

Death, Change, Transformation !

Words that, as we consider ourselves spiritual and enlightened individuals, have come to reflect the same thing. These words no longer mean an abrupt ending to ones life but a new beginning. A new journey that we can embark upon to our higher goal and ultimate transformation into our "Soul" beings. A journey that perhaps will lead us to different roads in which we can make choices, whether we have achieved our highest level of transformation and remain spirit no longer in need of the human form or whether we choose to come back and learn further lessons towards our whole spiritual awakening and attainment.

Death has become synonymous with change. It has given us an opening that we have more than one chance to do it over again. With these thoughts in mind, death does not seem as frightening. No matter what your beliefs are, death has become less of a final enigma and more of a portal to other worlds for us to explore.

The final change is not something that we humans want to hurry along, but as we open ourselves to a higher spirit we are able to embrace the moment and surrender our human form with peace of mind and welcome it with tranquillity.

Doesn’t that description of Death, change, transformation, seem less frightening now. It does, until it starts to creep around the house of a loved one. When the moment comes closer to one of our own, an elderly parent or grandparent or even a child loosing it’s battle with a terminal illness. All of the sudden no matter, how highly spiritually evolved you consider yourself to be, you face the fears and longing of not wanting to let go. It is our weakness as humans that cause us to act selfishly in these occasions. We want to keep these love ones around us forever, we don’t want to relinquish them. We think of ourselves first and how we are going to get along without them. It is hard, but as we grow in our Spiritual Journey we have to realize that we are spirit first, physical second.

Perhaps, this is why we have what we call ghosts among us, it is not that they did not want to leave, but that we did not want to let them go. Our possession of the person goes beyond logical reasoning and we bind them to us and our surroundings instead of releasing them to follow their destiny and travel towards the light.

We must strive to learn that we are all individuals, and that we have made our own choices and nobody has the right to interfere with the process of life of death. It is a hard subject to face because we never think we’ll encounter it until it happens to us. All too suddenly we are faced with the news that someone close to us is dying or has died. We have to make peace with the reality so we can cope and help the living. If we face the facts and acknowledge our path, when it comes to be, we will be able to face our transformation and that of others in a more positive light.

One of the reasons death has become such a feared subject is because in a lot of homes the topic was never discussed, as if the subject was ignored it would go away. When a subject it’s tabooed it becomes larger and more frightening. Ignorance adds to the magnitude of the fear revolving around anything that is not to be mentioned.

Death, change, transformation. Let’s transform our thoughts to change the way we think and feel about death. We cannot avoid it, so let’s face it, let’s try to understand it and let’s look beyond. When our time comes, peek through the gate with curiosity, not fear. Believe in your Higher Spirit and let it guide you into your next Journey.

Bright Blessings for now and beyond.


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