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September 1997 E-Zine Issue

Make Time

Time passes by, or is it us that pass through time. Whichever way you look at it, time well spent is very important. Time which is shared with our loved ones is the most rewarding of all. In the recent past we’ve been made aware through several events portrayed in the media, how people can be happy, successfull and in love and in a blink of an eye have it all disappear from their grasp. I will not go into detail for it doesn’t matter who it is or what the circumstances were, we’re all vulnerable.

I believe, that we are all in this planet to make a difference to leave an imprint of some sort. It doesn’t matter how big or small. We were all created for a reason and we all have a purpose for being, this is why we chose this incarnation. Everybody is equally important if they choose to live their lives to their fullest.

How often do we get so involved in our daily routines that we forget what is truly meaningful to us. In this day and age we hear so much about doing good for ourselves and taking time out to enjoy. Sometimes we forget those around us that we have a responsibility to. How about our children? Yes we do have to go to work to provide for them financially, we do have to go to the gym to stay active and healthy, we do have to have somewhat of a social life so we don’t get cranky, but most of all we do need to spend time with our children, for they grow up much too quickly.

The first seven years of a child’s life I’ve heard sets the pattern for the rest of his or her life. But I think everyday that goes by in a loving, caring, positive environment adds to the enrichment of that life. Sometimes it’s difficult with the busy schedules that we lead, but if we are going to walk around with a planner in our hand, we should also schedule time to spend with our children. It doesn’t have to be a major event, like going to an Amusement park. Just going and renting a movie, choosing it together, then making the popcorn and really watching it together, not inserting in the VCR and let the child watch it while you chat on the phone with a friend or run around doing laundry. Really be there, so you can really share the experience. Since we don’t have tons of time to spend with each other, when you are together, really be there. When children come to you with a question, listen. Something that might seem unimportant to you or silly might be the most important controversial event in the child’s life in their eyes, well at least for that day or that hour, however long it is before they forget or something else becomes equally monumental. Don’t ignore them, pay attention, look at them directly and ask questions so they know you’re interested in what they are sharing with you. It seems simple, but how many times we hear ourselves say, not now Dear I’m cooking dinner, or I’m on the phone, (then we turn around and ask our friend on the phone about her problem, we listen we ask questions and we comfort) while our child feels, neglected and rejected because he or she has to compete for our time and attention.

Children are so important they are the grown ups of the future. Every minute that goes by is priceless. We cannot turn back time. There are so many times we say to ourselves, I wish I could of said that and I wish I could of done that. The time is behind us and there is nothing we can do to catch up with it.

Make a conscious effort to spend some real fun time together, read together, play a board game (remember those things, before Pac-man was invented and the children became loners in their darkened rooms with only the glow of the Nintendo games). How about the wave of the future where children prefer to talk to perfect strangers On-line rather than talk to their parents…?

Make time, start now, create a relationship were you can make every minute worthwhile and valuable. Time can be our enemy or it can become our best ally. Every minute that goes by you can improve yourself, your environment, and the world for those around you, or you can set by and watch it all become eroded by time.

I’ve been talking about children, primarily because I’m a single mother and my daughter is the most important person in my life. Spending time is also necessary for husbands and wives , brothers and sisters, any type of relationship that we want to have endure the test of time. Any relationship that we want to grow, we must nourish and the nourishment comes in the shape of paying attention and totally being there for each other.

So after reading this, what are you going to do?

How about calling that child of yours and asking how his or her day went. How about cuddling with your significant other and really showing that person how much they mean in your life. Use your time wisely and happily for we never know when our Time is Up……

I think mine is. My daughter is coming in the door and we’re making a pizza….

I enjoyed sharing my time with you, till next time…… Jennifer

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