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October 1997 E-Zine Issue

Vampires Fact or Fiction

This is a question many have asked. How can an entity that doesn’t exist survive the test of time. Vampires according to some recounted records have been an existence in one way or another for thousands of years.

Vampires are chameleons able to change and adapt in order to survive. Time is their greatest ally. With time comes knowledge and wisdom . If one is wise one is able to blend and infiltrate any setting and any lifestyle.

If Vampires are purely fictional creatures, who started the rumor and how is it that the legends endure time and space. There have been countless of similar incidents involving Vampire phenomena in many lands. Some far remove in location and modernization to the point where there is no way that the people of one land could of compared notes with the people of other remote sites.

Vampires get lump us with other so called, mythical creatures, such as Witches. Now, some would definitely argue that Witches do exist. Witchcraft has been around for many, many centuries and now it is practiced in an updated version, so to speak called Wicca. Wicca is a recognized religion and a lot of it’s members are proud to be addressed as Witches.

There are all sorts of unexplained beings in this Universe, Vampires are one of these. If we can believe in ghost, angels, guides, poltergeist activity and even have trained researchers trying to obtain data and record paranormal activities of some of the most bizarre elements of our world, than why would it be impossible for Vampires to co-exist with us. You might ask, why is it that the true un-dead vampire go undiscovered. Why is it that with our scientific advances the Vampire remains such an illusive creature?

 I may have an explanation for your quest. Those who encounter Vampires, now we are not talking about humans that have a liking for blood, or the fantasy lovers that wear the white make up and get involved in role playing games, what we are talking about is the "True" Vampyre, the Un-dead the "I have lived for a very long time and I like it, Vampire". The explanation may be as simple as what follows:

There are certain groups of people that at one time or another may be predisposed to encounter Vampires. These fall under certain types, and I don’t mean as an type A negative….

  1. Feed, those whose insignificant lives only serve the purpose of becoming the Vampires source of nourishment, after all, yes it’s true Vampires need their ration of blood to keep that healthy glow on their alabaster skin. Also true, a vampire does not need to kill off a victim in order to have enough nutrition for the evening. (See Section B. for the forget me clause)
  2. The encounter however brief or prolonged it is. When the vampire gets bored, the victim should we say, will be made to forget it ever happened and will go on with their mundane lives.
  3. Those lucky humans that become valuable to the Vampire. As perhaps a protector when the Vampire is at it’s weakest moments. (Daytime for example, after all everyone needs to rest sometime.)—By the way, vampires can walk about during day light hours, it is just very draining, the Moon is the energizer for these creatures.
  4. Than there are those that for some mysterious reason ignite the emotion called love. Love is undying, we’ve heard many times before, it transcends time and even death. So as it happens, sometimes the flame of love is once again afire when two soles meet. The mortal may consider themselves ordinary and not be able to comprehend why this fascinating creature has been drawn into their lives. Of course, the mortal comes to understand that there was a life before this where they shared this undying love and passion. So it is due to continues in this lifetime. The mortal will come to understand their past and see and believe in their eternal future together. They will protect, honor and stand by the Vampire’s side, while keeping the facade of a normal life. They have to be very careful in order not to alert anyone to their secret. They will do whatever it takes to keep their Vampire lover undiscovered and out of danger.

Perhaps now, you have an idea why these resourceful and magnetic creatures might be able to be present and yet undetected among us. Specially in this day, where the Gothic and Vampiric subculture is becoming an everyday thing. How is a mere human to know which is real. Perhaps the one setting next to you in the three piece suit is the Real Vampire and the guy dancing and swirling in the Dance floor with the Black Cape is just a mortal acting out a fantasy. Or perhaps, the one in the cape is the real flamboyant Vampire, knowing that no one is going to believe he is for real. How will you know? Beware this Halloween, how will you be able to detect Fantasy from Reality. I could tell you to look into their eyes for the eyes are mirrors of the soul, but if you’re looking into the eyes of a Supernatural being such as a Vampire, it may be too late…..Happy Halloween Children of the Night…..

Wishing You Sweet and Safe Dreams!.


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