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A Pagan In The Midst
Column for January/February, 1998

New Beginnings

By: Jennifer Rogers

The start of a New year is something that we should look forward to. A chance to do it again and to do it better. It's like having a blank page in front of you full of possibilities having the control to do with it what you desire. It can be frightening to be confronted with such a challenge, but if you take it in stride, it can be a beautiful journey.

New beginnings can be simply to continue your life as is and keep on your path in a harmonious and balanced way. Or perhaps, it's to plunge into a totally new journey. Maybe move to a new location, take on a new job or move further into a love relationship and embarking into a move together. Now that can be challenging!

Change can sometimes be feared due to the unknown factor. "All those what ifs?". Is it better to stay with the comfortable, predictable and sometimes boring familiar or to try something new and see what develops?. Some people would tend to stay with the known familiar, whether it is a job, a home or a relationship. Even if it's not the best, they've grown accustomed to it. Changing things takes faith. Faith in yourself primarily. You have to believe that no matter what the situation is in front of you, it can have a positive outcome.

Sometimes new beginnings are imposed upon us. Perhaps a raise in rent can cause some one to have to move to another dwelling. Though the old homestead was perfect and the people had no reason to move, all of the sudden, they need to uproot and go with it. This can be a stressful time where panic sets in or it can be looked upon as a challenge. A game of strategy to be conquered.

A new job can put us in a position of power and self achievement. We can look at it as a way to better ourselves and our way of life. We can also look at it as a vulnerability. A burden of extra responsibilities on our shoulders. It is our choice which point of view we take. We can embrace the chance for a new opportunity or we can recoil in fear.

Here is one that even gets the most loving couples to get frost bitten feet (also known as, cold feet). Making the next step from casual dating, to let's say, moving in together. Now that can be a frightening proposition or an exhilarating one. Let's look at some views on the subject. Is it good for a relationship to remain stagnant? Or should the next step be taken in the journey of love?. When it comes to love, should we let our emotions and our hearts rule our actions?. I say, "go with your feelings."

Try to imagine life without this person in it. Look at the way you get along. Overall, do you enjoy each others company rather than being alone?. One thing that is very important is mutual respect. Can you respect the fact that the other person is an individual with a life of their own? Separate from yours? You don't have to do everything together. You don't have to assimilate the other persons way of dress or demeanor. You don't have to take lessons to come up to par with every sport and activity they enjoy. After all, it was something unique about each of you that brought you together in the first place. The differences between you can also be looked upon to learn from. Different points of view can keep conversations active for hours. Of course, it is wonderful when you meet a person that mirrors you and has similar likes and dislikes. It makes things a lot easier and enjoyable if you are compatible in many things.

Be warned, nothing comes with guarantees. Nothing is as easy as it may seemed. Everything in life worth having, is worth working hard for. Relationships are that way too. Once you establish it, you must nurture it with love and kindness. You must keep it exciting. Don't ever take the person for granted, assuming they'll always be there. Treat everyday as if it is the first day you met, (except for that familiar knowledge you now have of what it is that pleases them and strive to do so). This will help keep the relationship alive. There will be challenges that come your way, and the strength of two is better than one. That union will form a good foundation for new and already made families. The most important words to remember when you're dealing with others are tolerance and compromise. You cannot set out to always get your way. There are others that have to be taken into consideration. We're not alone…..

Let's put our best foot forward and start walking the path of New Beginnings. Whatever your journey is this coming year, embrace it and look at it as a new adventure in Life. Take a deep breath, put a smile on your face, and encounter each day as a game to be played, (not necessarily a game to be won, but one that you enjoy playing).

Like any New Beginning this article must come to a Happy Ending. I wish you a Wonderful Journey for 1998 and Beyond….

Jennifer Rogers

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