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January 1999 E-Zine Issue


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A Beginning to an end of the Millennia

This is a time of mixed emotions, anxieties, fears, exuberance and depression, for some. It all depends on your point of view and your expectations. The beginning of a new year, this being a very special new year for it marks the end of a millennium. It isn't a time to be melancholy about the past, it is time to look back at all the accomplishments, big or small. Once we have taken inventory of our lives, realize there is always time to do those things that we wished we had. Never give up on your dreams. There is no time like the present to take charge of your life and write down those dreams or wishes and turn them into goals.

Let's be positive about ourselves and what has gone on around us. There have been many changes. Technology, science, space travel has advanced beyond our expectations in the last 10 to 15 years. As humans we have advanced also, I feel we have a great deal more tolerance for each other. More people are uniting for the common good. The future is what we choose to make it. We can look to the year 2000 with fear of the unknown or with great expectations for the better.

Knowledge and a spirit of togetherness, can help the world and make it a better place to live in. Yes, we are one, but one at the time can make a difference. Start by facing up to your personal challenges. Nothing is insignificant, if you don't feel right about something, you have the power to change it. Don't go another day with emptiness in your heart and in your life.

There is magic in everything we do. We just have to open our eyes to see it. We are very powerful, intelligent beings that have great potential. We just have to make that choice. The choice to go forward in our lives and face up to challenges with curiosity and tenacity.

Let's start really simple, make a list of accomplishments you have achieved in the past 5 years. They don't have to be earth shattering events, anything counts as long as it is positive for you personally. Then make another list of those things you would like to see happen in the next five years. Take this in smaller increments, also make them realistic goals. Sometimes, when we have overwhelming expectations we tend to abandon them, if they are not coming through as quickly as we thought they would.

Goals are not meant to be just financial or material ones. Goals, can also be to have more personal time. To relax, meditate or get in touch with one's self. Spend more quality time with family and with friends. Expanding your horizons, perhaps studying something new. Going back to school and changing career paths all together for something that you feel might be more fulfilling. Life is meant to be live to it's fullest. Life is to be enjoyed. Life is not a sentence put upon us where you're just serving time till you go to the next one through the portals of death. The quality of life is very important. How you spend everyday counts. Try to spend the most part of your day with a smile on your face. It is said that laughing is good for your health, it increases the oxygen supply to your lungs thereby benefiting your circulatory system and hence your heart. Let's do something good for ourselves, let's find something to laugh about.

Look forward to all the new and exciting things that you can work on an achieve this year and continue this exuberance in the 2000's.

Smiling at you,

Jennifer Rogers

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