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June 1999 E-Zine Issue


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Never too Late

Sometimes in life we come to a point where we feel in discontent with things. We find that we are not happy with our jobs, where we live, our associates. A lot of us do not know the reason for this sudden malady. In my opinion what causes this, is our soul. Our soul telling us to grow, advance, go to the next level. In order to do this you have to be honest with self and ask yourself some very pertinent questions. First, what would make you happy? What type of job would be more than just going to work in order to collect that pay check. What is it that would make you jump out of bed every morning? What would excite you to do something that would eventually help you attain your financial goals and yet give you the enthusiasm that would make you thrive? It is never too late to change course or to improve on our standards of life. Perhaps in order not to be bound and limited by our resources we might have to go back to school. I know, you’re provably thinking, I have enough to do. I cannot sneak another night or two into the week where I have to go out. If you have small children there is an extra challenge, the hustle of getting a dependable baby-sitter. Have you thought about a correspondence course? You can work it into your own schedule. You can take as many or as few courses as you can handle comfortably.

Now days, through the Internet even college courses are accessible to the public. There is no excuse if you want to improve who you are or what you know. Time has come for everyone to live their lives to their fullest. As divine creations, our powers to succeed are limitless. Only our minds create limitations.

Do not settle for less. Life is too short it must be enjoyed. It’s never too late to make it a wonderful experience rather than going through the motions. Live life, do not simply exist.

In order to get everything you want out life. You have to prioritize what you want. Something has to be juggled. When there are children and spouses, they must be placed at the top of the list. Achievements are to be shared. It is important to get them involved, let them know how you feel, tell them your aims. Share with them what makes you happy and fulfilled. What it is that you would like change? If you let them know your feelings and goals, they will be more than happy to cooperate and support you in your dreams. People that have substance and goals and are on their way achieving every day are happier beings then those that look at themselves in dead end jobs with equally dismal lives.

In this family exchange, take into consideration their goals. What is it that the rest of them want? Better grades, a better social standing with their friends. Maybe they need a ride to the movies to socialize on Friday night but they are too young to drive. Perhaps, there is a negotiation there. How about swapping time. The children do certain chores for you when you have to study or work late. In exchange you will set aside Friday night to take them to the movies. You can still be there at a different show or hang out at the local coffee shop and read for a couple of hours. The kids are enjoying themselves. You get to relax while still learning and enjoying a good cup of Java or tea. Life can be a pleasurable, if we let it. Sometimes, we are too busy doing to get things done. It is best to step back and take a look at the situation from a distance and study it. Take some time, don’t just plunge in. When we become caught up in doing without thinking we have a tendency to run around in circles and become stressed.

With a family you have to work as a team. Do not let the fact that you have a home and children stop you from living your life the way you want to live it. Be your best always, no matter what your social standing is. It is to be hoped that, when you chose your family and yes we do choose our families you chose well. You have some really nice supportive people surrounding you. The family I am talking about is the core family, husband/wife and children. Apart from this is the extended family, not usually the ones that live under our roof. As long as your core family is in agreement with your aspirations, you have it made. They’ll work with you to protect you from others wasting your time on the phone or dropping in unexpectedly.

Remember, not everyone is going to be in your corner. There are those who call themselves "friends". But, when you are working on a project or going to school and you don’t have time to spend listening to them complain about their jobs, spouses or life. They might think of you as stand-offish and accuse you of not being a true friend, anymore. Real friends would appreciate your intentions and support you with your goals. They might even see a positive outcome out of your situation and choose to follow in your footsteps, thereby, improving their own visions on their chosen paths.

You cannot please everyone, that is true. The person you need to aim to please even it if sounds selfish, it’s yourself. Let me explain. When you are happy with who you are, with your achievements, with your lot in life, you are a better person to have around. You want to be there and you go out of your way to help others. By achieving, (achievement is not determined by having a Ph. D. after a name). You can be a homemaker, a stay at home mom and have a wonderful fulfilling life making you house a loving home with your family. If that is what makes you happy go for it. Be the best you can be, you do not even have to join the army. Make sure what you do, you do for you. Don’t let other peoples' standards or trends dictate you life style. Take a good deep look at your surroundings. Are you standing where you want to be? Are you doing something that not only provides the food on the table but the atmosphere to enjoy the meal without the stress that goes with hating every day of your existence.

Go ahead, take a look and enjoy the precious gift of life to it’s fullest. Always aim to be the happiest and best you can be. The only competition should be within yourself to be a complete human being with a happy soul.

Living it Up!


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