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Wicca for a new Generation
By: Silver RavenWolf

As a mother of a teen-ager and a witch I found this book to be both enlightening and a great mother’s aid. I have always kept views on religions pretty open to my daughter, when she came to me with questions I tried to answer them as truthfully and clearly as I could. If I didn’t know the answer I tried to find it and discuss it with her at a later date.

This book works well for the teen-ager that might want to find a religious path on her/his own, apart from the religious affiliations of the family. Also, it would work for the teen raised with Wicca as its primary roots but wants to find its own tradition or way to practice.

I commend the way Silver RavenWolf discusses other religions without malice. The way she depicts Spirit (God) as being like a diamond with different facets viewed as the different religions of the world. People should reflect more on the commonalties that religions have with one another instead of concentrating on the differences between them.

Silver’s explanation of the Creation of the Universe, was clear, warm and mystical. She did an outstanding job forming a Highly Visual description Spirit’s Creations.

Reincarnation was explained in very clear terms. It gives a sense of purpose to the seeker. Being a Witch is not something you become by putting on a costume, special jewelry or hair style. It’s something you are and you have been before. It takes longer sometimes to recognize our Spiritual family and the path we should follow in each lifetime.

For the beginner practitioner it gives a very clear rundown of the Wheel of the Year. Her explanations of the Sabbats and Esbats are very concise. Everything is described with an easy, light and happy feel to it. It is explained as a celebration of life. Being a Witch is a way of being the best that you can be with the (God/Goddess) given gifts.

Practicing Wicca can be, as stated in Silver RaveWolf’s book, a way to become a better you. It clearly expresses that you don’t have to start doing spells for your friends, unless they ask, but it is always okay to pray for them. Now, whom among us would refuse to have a good word said in their behalf to Spirit.

In my opinion if somebody outside the craft was to pick up this book and started reading, they would not be able to find anything negative, foreboding or evil in it.

The only thing I would stress to any child or teen that wants to read this book and follow its teachings, is that this is not a game. Wicca is a way of life. It is a belief a very ancient one. We don’t use the craft to impress our peers. Remember, with power and (God/Goddess) given gifts, comes responsibility. When we work on a spell or ritual we take the responsibility of its workings. We make sure that we include the words "To Harm None".

Silver RavenWolf, explains in great detail how Ritual is to proceed. If all the steps she gives are followed, there is no need to worry about any un-requested energies showing up or staying after ritual is performed.

If the teen wants a more detailed and advanced book on Wicca, I highly recommend Silver Raven Wolf’s "To Ride A Silver Broomstick," also published by Llewellyn.


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