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The Witches Creed --states the intentions of anyone practicing the craft are to "Harm None." That is indeed a noble ideal. However, in matters of the heart, people sometimes bypass their best intentions and fall trapped to jealousy and reluctance to let go.

According to our belief we revere the knowledge that for every action there is a reaction. Any harm intentionally directed will come back to the source at least three fold. Then why would anybody take a chance in asking for misfortune? Love. Love which, when not reciprocated becomes obsession, a very irrational and destructive emotion.

When relationships end or change, even when itís by mutual agreement, they need closure. Both people have to come to an honest and benevolent understanding to allow each other to follow their lives and their hearts in happiness. They must release each other from any bonds and promises and let go in peace. It is not easy to do, but it is the best we can do for each other. However, if one of these partners goes to follow their new path and the other remains with resentment and hopes of reconciliation, thatís were trouble begins to brew.

It doesnít matter what you believe in, what religion or traditions you may follow. We all have the power for good and evil. Even witches, contrary to the myths and folklore, who practice the craft in peace and harmony. Even those who set out their lives to heal and help others have the potential for not such good deeds.

In the psychic world, the world of those who have learned the use of the Universal Gifts, it is easy to conjure up bad energy and ill will to others even accidentally. Though, I believe weíre spirit first in a human shell. Sometimes, the human side has a tendency to lead us astray. The more psychically aware you are and the more developed your powers are, the easier it is to misuse them. Power demands responsibility. Sometimes, the thought of your beloved in the arms of another may be too strong to avoid the temptation to seek revenge.

Once lovers, there remains a psychic link, something like an invisible umbilical cord between the two. This cord can extend from one end of the world to the other. At the termination of the relationship or when the relationship evolves from being lovers to just being platonic friends, this link must be Severed. If not, it can cause havoc, even years down the road. With the psychic cord still attached, those who had more than one intimate tie can find starting a new relationship quite chaotic. Imagine, all those people from the past still tugging away psychically. In some instances, all you might receive is a gentle nudge, a memory. One that perhaps you can find humor in and share with your new partner. You might experience this mild tap, when somebody is simply thinking, "I wonder how he/she is doing? I really hope he/she is happy." Unfortunately, not everybody is full of this kindness and well wishes. Sometimes, remorseful thoughts creep into the mind such as, "How I wish he/she was back in my life. I miss them so." All of the sudden you might feel a sudden jolt. It sometimes can manifest itself as a choking sensation.

Now combine this link with intention. Yes, sometimes it happens. You all have heard of recent stories in the news of ex-girlfriends kidnapped. The new boyfriend hurt or killed along with other members of the family. All to reclaim somebody into their lives that chose not to be there. There is no rationale in these actions. Unfortunately, these tragedies repeat time after time.

Malevolent, possessive intentions combined with the affirmation of ritual might create very negative consequences. Those who practice or even just dabble in the craft enough to exude sufficient negative energy can cause harm. That mischief, can not only affect the ex-lover but sometimes, more often than not the ex-lovers new mate.

These hapless incidents may be prevented with the psychic side of this story. It is not easy to diagnose when youíre being attacked psychically. It usually takes the form of fatigue, irritability, depression, flu like symptoms. Things that are not foreign to us. Therefore, if time goes by and the attacks not stopped, it could lead to a prolong illness or in the case of long term depression, even death.

How do we detect whether our symptoms are those brought on by illness or other health related malady or if itís the result of a psychic attack? Pay attention! This is the key. If you have to write down when and where it is that you feel these feelings, do so. Take note of your surroundings, objects near you or persons youíre with. Letís say you are at work feeling fine, having an average day. Later, when you come home, you walk in and want to go to sleep for no apparent reason. When your mate comes to greet you at the door, you almost feel repelled by him/her, even though when you were away, you couldnít wait to see them. Start thinking that there might be something being done psychically to pull you apart. If left unguarded, it will only get worst.

If the antagonist has only a thought link attachment, without actually doing any magickal workings, it might be a mild case of the above mentioned maladies. If the rival is gifted in the craft and forgets the "Harm None" theory and decides she/he is going to take a step further and proceed with spell casting. Things can get worse. The more work done, the harsher the attacks will become. It can go from total lethargy, to insomnia, abstinence of any intimacy with oneís partner, breaking out in rashes and even convulsions.

In one of my own personal experiences, the person informed me she still remained very much in love with my husband and always would be. She was still remorseful that I came into his life and foiled her chances of redeeming their karmic relationship. This was a situation where he (my spouse) had moved on from this person several years and relations before I came into the picture. Still she perceived me as the enemy for we got handfasted for eternity, removing any chances for them to be together again. The handfasting for eternity, was a mutual choice my husband and I made according to our beliefs, yet she saw it as an infringement on her.

Letís take control of our lives, Shall we? Prevention or counter defensive: First, see if by deeds or circumstances the person doing the work might have revealed themselves. In a case where your mate had a lover that he/she truly believed became a friend at the close of the relationship, a friend that retained unconditional love and well wishes, analyze the situation, the last conversations and see if there is a way of picking the true intentions from the individual.  Try to concentrate not on the words said, but energy that they formulated. Was this person speaking from the heart or being hypocritical about their true feelings.

In cases where you have an idea of whom it is that is offering such well being in your direction, first, remove any physical objects around the house that might have an attachment to that person, such as pictures, even if they are in boxes in the back of a closet (remove them from the premises), or gifts, such as jewelry, ornaments, crafts, anything that would carry a lot of energy, specially anything hand made or signed by the person. If it is difficult to ascertain who exactly might be directing this evil energy your way, than all you can do is a cleansing, vanishing reversal and protection spell. You should never direct the energy, even if it is a reversal, to a particular person. After all, you wouldnít want to do a spell and end up hurting an innocent bystander. You would be as wrong as the original sender and you will reap the penalty.

What Iím about to share with you is a simple ritual that has worked for me personally. Everybody is different so it might work a little different for you. After all we all have distinct energies going into it. ****It is important to prepare yourself mentally as well as physically before doing any type of ritual. It is best to abstain from alcoholic beverages or anything that would reduce your mental clarity. Also, it is a good idea to take a relaxing bath, perhaps with some sea salts thrown in. I find incense beneficial to create a more receptive and tranquil environment. For this type of ritual I would recommend a sage based incense. This ritual uses candles to focus our energies into the desired results.

You will need the following candles for this ritual:

A black candle-- for protection against further attacks while youíre concentrating on the events or manifestations that have taken place.

A purple candle-- to elevate your thoughts to the spiritual realm, keeping your thoughts away from the mundane thus, diminishing as much as possible the physical revenge feasibility.

A light pink candle-- to lend a loving, peaceful and friendly quality to the act. When focusing on the pink candle send love to the person or persons who you might think might be helping to manifest the attacks. You concentrate on their well being, their happiness and their ability to move on with their lives and find their true love and live in contentment. If you have any idea of whom the person might be doing this to you and your household, there is no harm is wishing them to move on in love and harmony. (Make sure your intentions are pure and truthful when you wish this for them.)

A white candle-- Your thoughts should be to surround the person named or unnamed, whom ever it is sending you the psychic attack, with the purity of the white light.

The candles are lit one at the time, at the time of the lighting in your own words affirm what it is youíre trying to accomplish. Keep in mind what that particular candle stands for. It does not need to be in prose, it is best if it comes from the heart. (You donít have to rhyme a spell for it to work well) With time and practice your spell working will become more fine-tuned. Remember, the intent is what itís important.

The candles should remain lit throughout the remaining performance of the ritual.  After your ritual has come to itís conclusion, it is best to extinguish the candles with a candle snuffer. Never blow candles out, for you will symbolically blow your intentions away.

This ritual should be performed on the waning moon. This will aid in removing ill-effects.

The last step is to take a small piece of paper and write in your own words the purpose of the ritual.

**A sample would go something like this:

I (Your Name) in the presence of my Lord and Lady and with their Divine power (or whomever you place your faith in). Command that the negative energies sent to me and/or my household return to their source. (Even if youíre certain and have proof, even if the person has warned you or threatens revenge, it is best not to name the person.) No longer to inflict any control over my health, my love and my life. I wish no harm to come to this person as punishment for their deeds. Only the Universe can see to the judgment for one that has set forth to harm another.

Then it is to signed by you. If you are practicing the craft and you have a Magickal name that you use for ritual, it is best to sign with that name. It is more powerful since it deals with the realm of magick and not the mundane. For any uncrossing, vanishing or protection spell I prefer to use "Dragonís Blood Ink," it aids to seal the ritual more forcefully. After you have the note written and signed, roll it up and place it in a glass jar and seal it tight. Put the jar away in a safe, secluded place away from prying eyes and curious hands. Do not re-open the jar, for at least a year. After the year, the jar can be opened, if there is no reoccurrence of events, the note buried and the container recycled if you wish. (Or kept in a top self waiting for the next, that is foolish enough not to follow the Creed to "Harm None")

It is always wise to close your ritual with a few moments of your own meditation, this can be in the form of a prayer to give thanks to those energies that aided you in manifesting your desires.

Live in peace. Do no harm and be fruitful in your lives. Always do your best to live in harmony with others. Be respectful, have good will, and use the Gifts the Universe has provided you for the good of others and yourself. Do not hesitate to use Magick to protect your self and your love ones from those with less ethics. Magick is Power use it with respect and responsibility.

Respectfully yours,

Jennifer Rogers

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