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October 1998 E-Zine Issue


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Life's Never Ending Storms


As I was driving home at the start of the storm, I could not help observe and admire its majesty. The cumulonimbus clouds both beautiful and threatening. On one side the rain falling on the car and through the openings in the clouds the Sun was beaming, creating a mystical rainbow. It was a paradox as in life itself.

The strength exuded by Mother Nature was overwhelming as the lightning bolts darted the skies. The storm was a duality of both an artistic aerial dance and impending destruction.

Much like a storm, life sometimes seems to be flowing beautifully when out of nowhere we are blasted by unexpected forces and problems that knock us off our feet. All we can do sometimes is hang on and ride it out, knowing soon it will pass. Sometimes, after the storm has subdued its fury we are left to deal with the aftermath. Putting together and rebuilding our lives and ourselves from the ground. What does this do to us? It makes us stronger better able to deal with the next wave of turbulence that might come our way. It teaches us to be prepared and to be aware of all the constant avalanches that we might have to encounter. There is nothing quite so enigmatic as the stillness after a storm. The air is clear and we can breathe once again. We can fill our lungs with the sweet breath of life. We can gather the fortitude to go on and forge ahead with our daily routine.

Storms are Mother Nature's way of changing and evolving our world and surroundings. Challenges, problems, discussions and disagreements are life's ways of changing our course of action, a way to keep us from being stagnant in a sea of chaos. From every difficulty we encounter, we grow and a metamorphosis takes place that makes us into something more powerful and hopefully wiser. We can never give into the tempests that come our way. We should be able to build ourselves temporary barricades to shelter us from the onslaught of challenges thrown at us. Some of these shelters can be in the form of friends or family that we know will stand strongly by us and help us fight under any circumstances. A good obstruction against attacks is the believe in ourselves and our Higher Power, whomever that may be to each and every one of us. When belief in ourselves is weakened through the constant drizzle that erodes our very foundation, we must turn to someone we can confide for help. Assistance sometimes is needed to maintain and rebuild. Their support can be a very valuable positive re-enforcement.

We all go through periods of slipping and falling. No matter how hard we want to keep a sure footing on the icy ground, eventually we might fall. There is no failure in falling. The only failure is in not making an effort to get up again. Sometimes we cannot do it on our own. There is no shame in asking for assistance. Take that helping hand and get on your feet again.

Life will always be full of challenges the world will always have storms. Both of them eventually come to an end. For every moment that goes by, try to enjoy its beauty, it's serenity and braze yourself for the upcoming upheaval. Learn the consequences with every disturbance and be better prepare the next time. Face every day with a positive attitude and an open mind to learn to deal with life's hurdles and to become wiser with every squall.

Till next time, may the Sun always shine in your Heart.

Your all weather friend.


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