The Circle




The Circle

by D. G. Charles 1997

The circle is cast and the calling complete
as the power sprouts o’er our heads through our feet.
The old gods set to take up a hand
in sharing their ancient wisdom with man.

And as the fire ascends in hues of pink, green and blue
it comes a telling, the message is due.
So all will hold hands and aspire to see
what the Mother’s been praying her children to be.

"Tis all life and love," voice held high in cheer
says someone who’s noticed what’s been happening here.
So as all seem to rise through the circle above,
the one who is chosen plants her feet and cries…

"Love is the force what can conquer the sea
or start and cease the fire to be.
Love can take the air from our lungs
and return it so the gods’ ancient songs may be sung.

And finally to take our souls from the earth,
remold and cast us again through rebirth".
And suddenly now the message is clear
through love of the Mother, we have nothing to fear.


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