Centered Within




June 1997 E-Zine Issue

Centered Within

By Valerie Jump 8/13/85

I feel my soul trembling,
fear fills my heart.
Grabbing an island,
or something in the dark.

Standing on my island,
so safe and secure…
Suddenly kicked out from beneath me!
Falling endlessly... a cure?

No one will help,
you must do it within.
If you are always on islands,
you will still have to begin…

Others can hold you up,
but they have themselves too,
Who is only so strong?
To survive depends on you.

You have the greatest power,
the ones hanging on are weak.
Why would you want to be there?
Is there no reason for your feet?!

God gave something to you,
your body and your soul.
You must combine the two,
then your life will unfold.

Suddenly you feel oneness,
without someone else there.
A true inner strength,
one which you weren’t aware...

You’ll find yourself watching,
how you once were.
Finding a deeper meaning,
to things which occur.

Your are centered within,
now life’s not a threat.
Nothing to fear,
no past to regret.

You will see life goes on,
with or without you…
The world doesn’t stop,
because you’re feeling blue.

You will rise above it,
and take another look…
Laugh at yourself,
why were you so hooked?

Once you see it,
your will never return.
Why hang onto others,
when there’s so much to learn!

You’ll find yourself far ahead,
no looking back on this path…
Seeing things for the first time,
you are free from the past.

You’ll find others like you,
unlike the islands before.
A freshness of life,
moving ahead through new doors.

A bonding of feelings,
very different from the past.
How could this be possible?
There’s freedom at last!

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