June 1997 E-Zine Issue


by William Halapin©

Twilight shadows from elderly oaks fashion mirrors
in the shallow pools of a slowly moving stream.
Here, a mirror may reflect a passing glance,
A movement in the air or barely seen passers-by.
There, in the dark shadow of a softer embrace,
A pool of night opens to the stars.
And here and there the shadows change as
Faded mosses sway with the final exhalations of the day.

The path drifts down and the stream follows,
Nature’s relentless return to the sea.
It soaks the earth and paints the moss-covered stones
With slivery glamour that reflects the mysteries of the night.
In the sounds of the water, by the light of the moon,
The undines heed the call of their sisters in the mist.
A life is cast in the essence of water, brought forth in purity
With the blessing of night becoming a newborn day.

Sunlight ebbs, following the tide. Contrast deepens the transition to the sky.
The last rose petal fragments of light disperse into scattered clouds.
Whispers in the breeze rustle the moss covered branches
And drying leaves listen to the air fill voids left by the light.
Motes in the wind sparkle at the edges of perception
As sylphs answer the summons of their own desires.
A life is cast in the essence of air, brought forth as awareness
With the first breath of innocence.

Darkness cloaks the ground, turning gray to black, green to brown.
The wind releases the warmth of the soil, carrying its richness
On currents of red wine and cypress, primrose and magnolia.
In the depths of the caves, in the shadows of the hills,
Through the rocks and the stones, in crystals and gems,
The gnomes pattern the heartbeat of their gardens,
A life is cast in the essence of earth, brought forth in substance
With no form and without boundaries.

The shining in the distance, a hearth in a home,
Contains the warmth and the brightness of a miniature sun.
Flares and sparks make the walls come alive
With yellow and gold tapestries spun with the finest wools.
From the stillness of the night to the vitality of the flame,
Salamanders weave their dance on the looms of light.
A life is cast in the essence of fire, brought forth in power
With courage and will.

And the wheel turns as ever in harmony.

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