Magic Eyes




Magic Eyes

by Misty Flatt©

With magic eyes we see
a universe so dear.
Flowers, rocks and trees
that call us near.

A free spirit that trembles,
just waiting to shine.
A connection to all is deep
in your heart and mine.

For we listen to sunflowers when they speak.
We believe there is love in all we seek.
There is a higher chord in which we have chosen to dance;
a profound love of life that inspires us to take that chance.

With magic eyes we see our future
waiting to unfold,
for we accept the path
in which the angels told.

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Remember to include in all of your  work the guiding concept of "And It Harm None!"

It is our belief that the value and use of the products that we carry in our store lies in their ability to enhance the practitioner's own energies and powers. We therefore cannot predict their effectiveness for others, or make any claims for their ability to bring about desired events.  We can only state that we have found them to be of value in our own work.

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