by Shannon Martinez

When I close my eyes
I see a small dream.
Larger than life,
it begins with a stream.

Flowing with Love
in the warm violet sunset,
a rainbow of flowers
grow alongside it.

Ancient trees surround me,
so many a kind;
the Oak, the Birch,
my heart smells the Pine.

Then slowly I hear
the drums of the Unicorns.
Hooves beat like chime,
and voices like horns.

Grass blankets Our Mother
in a warm flowing green.
The Wind’s soft whisper
bringing life to my dream.

I can feel my soul
being clothed in True Love.
I feel myself soar
as the wings of a dove

Then opening my eyes,
a breeze through my hair,
I blink a few times ~
My dream! It’s still there!

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