The Fates




June 1997 E-Zine Issue

The Fates

by Patty Davidson©

I calmly sit within myself
Awaiting the fates to unfold and disguise themselves
I do not have long to wait
The Challenge appears greedily, enticing and strong,

The choices are the same as so long ago
But confusion baffles me as before
You’d think I would remember, but I don’t
The Neptunian fog, thick, yet luring me on.

Blindly, I struggle in this creation attributed to me
Constantly encouraged by some inner voice
Or a knowing that I’ll eventually be free
Only to be lied to by yet another tempting song
Endlessly this game seems to go on.

Only laughter enables me to continue to carry on
Perhaps an end will surprise me one day
Happiness and joy replacing this delusional play.
And I will be home calmly within
Awaiting once more for the Fates to begin.


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