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Dear Share,

I am a male, nearly thirty (11-9-66) and have never had a real serious relationship. I am stable and otherwise successful. When do you see love?

Dear V.P.W.

The answer to your question is: any day now. The cards show that you've been very busy developing yourself on many levels and you are ready to give and receive love. I feel you could meet someone around your birthday and then re-connect in the spring... It looks special and promising. The woman is exotic and highly intelligent - perfect for Scorpio!

Dear Share,

Why can't I ever do anything right? I am trying to find myself and my gifts and I just hit dead-ends. Help! I've taken classes in spirituality and lots of creative things, painting, dance etc.. My birthday is 2-27-62. Help!

Stuck Pisces

Dear Pisces-

Stuck, you are not! You are on a seekers journey - enjoy it all, it's experience, it's new friends (classmates, for instance.) It's exposure to the world and possibilities around you! Don't you know, dear fish, half the fun is getting there?

Keep doing what you're doing - but live each moment and the magic it brings! Something new in '97 brings it all together....

Dear Share,

What qualifies you to give advice to other people?


Dear Tam,

I'm old for one thing....experienced! Actually I've studied and traveled extensively (I'll be in Europe, when you read this) but I truly feel two things really qualify me:

1. A profound love of people.

2. An unquestionable trust in my intuitive ability.

P.S. Don't worry, being a Leo, I really do come from the heart so if someday I wake up and find my gift is gone, I am not too proud to go back to waitressing.

Dear Share,

I feel so unsure! My birthday is 10-14-52. I love two men: 1-6-43 and 4-8-51. The Capricorn is directed and bright, the Aries fun and passionate about life. What's the best choice?

Undecided Sue

Dear Sue,

Gee, an undecided Libra - so what's new?

Oh, if fate could just roll these two nice men into one! Well Sue, she just might do that very thing. Travel will bring you in contact with a younger man, an air sign who is directed, bright, fun and passionate about life. Look for him enroute from December '96 - April '98. Bon Voyage!

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