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Dear Share,

I am the aunt of five nephews, the two smallest ones have won me over. Their birthdays are 7/4/94 and 11/10/95. These two are so special to me. I want to know what the universe has in store for them.

Loving, Aunt Nini


Dear Nini,

I did a tarot layout on each and here’s what I came up with: The Cancer child has leadership ability but will have trouble choosing a profession, will do well teaching and/or traveling, has a great love of the sea. Air sign men and water sign woman will be his closest associates.

The Scorpio child can be stubborn and opinionated but does well when trusting his excellent intuition. He’ll have a flair for writing and publishing and lots of money is indicated. People born under the sign of Sagittarius will guide him.


Dear Share,

3/17/55 I’ve been married for 22 years. For years I’ve been trying to eat better, exercise and love life. I love people and try not to judge too quickly.

It drives me crazy when my husband, 7/30/51, talks bad of other people he doesn’t even know. He smokes and eats fatty foods, I worry about his health.

When we are alone we have a great time but he turns into a different person around other people - I hate this person!

How do I deal with this? I’ve tried talking to him, he gets defensive. Will it always be like this?



Dear D.,

Face it, a Leo will always get defensive if you indicate they’re less than perfect!

Just because you’ve gone through a glorious transformation, doesn’t mean he is ready to change.

So D, you have three choices:

1. Accept him as he is.

2. Leave him

3. Get some C&E Vitamin down him (for the smoking) cook low fat meals and refuse to be with him in public unless he behaves himself.

The cards show that he has lots of love for you but suffers from feelings of insecurity. I see a possibility of a change of attitude around the time of his next birthday. Why not stick it out with choice 3 till then?


Dear Share,

I’ve been doing outdoor art shows since Feb. 95 but to no avail. Want to pursue other opportunities - any idea? Have made applications to L. A. Co. Museum. Rental gallery - any positive response?

Will it be profitable to apply for Art-a-Fair in June? D.O.B. 1/4/51.

Artist on the move.

Dear Artist,

Profits won’t come ‘till you make a name for yourself and that means going everywhere you can to show your work. Since the cards show luck through travel, consider going out of state or even out of the country for shows. Business usually takes years to build up. You have the talent, where’s that Capricorn patience?


Dear Share,

My husband and I separated in March and he has another woman in his life. I love him deeply and miss him. We’ve been married for 26 years and have had an on and off, rocky relationship - I still feel we could make it work. He says he loves me but has to get out of his present relationship. I can’t believe all the financial problems they have caused me. Is he coming home or do I have to get over it? I am thinking of moving - can you direct me? What’s your advice? D.O.B. Me 4/17/53. Him 4/8/51.

Thanks, S.B.


Dear S.B.

You said you feel like you could make this relationship work. Well, it sounds like it’s already work! Your husband is living with his decision (her!). Why you are financially supporting them, baffles me! Neptune energies show up in the cards, which means you aren’t thinking clearly. Remember: Love is not painful. Seek emotional support A.S.A.P and get stronger. You asked for my advice, here it is, but you probably won’t take it: Move, leave no forwarding address.

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